Monday, November 9, 2015

Sanibonani from SA!!

Hello beloved friends and family!! I have good things to report this week! But I am gonna do them super duper fast because I'm kind of like a zone leader right now (that will make more sense later) so I get to ROAD TRIP down to Ladysmith to pick up some new missionaries!!! So I've gotta get going! 

BUT FIRST. the presentation of my week. (in like 5 minutes)

Last week, monday, we FINALLY went paintballing! Our plans fell through 2 weeks ago and we got to go for P-Day! It was SO much fun. I can testify that there is no greater way to come closer to the Elders in your zone and district than to shoot them!! hahahaha we had a blast! 

We have had more and more prayers answered this week! We picked up 2 new male investigators!! They are both very captivated and interested in the message of the restoration! We were teaching a man named Lizo about our Heavenly Father's Plan of Happiness and we only got halfway through because we were having such great discussions on the Atonement of Jesus Christ, so we reached our time to go and before we could even ask he says "So when can you guys come back?!" and we were like "When can we??" and he said "Can you come tomorrow night?" hahaha it was so awesome to see his enthusiasm to learn the rest of his plan. Unfortunately we were pretty packed for the weekend so we have to wait until later this week to see him.

We also started teaching a guy named LSK ( that's just what we call him. His name is too hard.) As we were teaching him the restoration we told him about the priesthood and how we have temples on the Earth today because of it; we showed him a picture of the Salt Lake City Temple and he was like "Woah. Is that Heaven?" and we just laughed and said "Yeah..pretty much." and we had an awesome talk about temples! 

I am so grateful for the Lord for hearing and answering so many of our prayers! Our YSA class was PACKED this week. Literally all of the seats were taken up. That was an amazing sight. Our priesthood class was also packed! It was truly a miracle to see! I promise that the Lord recognises our prayers when we pray genuinely and with real intent or promising to God that we will act on the answer that we receive! It is crazy to see how much the Lord understands our needs and delivers blessings to us EXACTLY as we need them! God is good!!!!

This week was transfer week! I am staying in Newcastle with Elder Benissan to finish my training! We had a little scare, somebody implied that one of us was going to be transfered to Bloemfontein! But we made it! Thank goodness! Unfortunately, Elder Jase (one of our zone leaders) finished his mission and went home this week! I'm gonna miss that guy so much!! Fortunately, Elder Faganello (his companion) stayed with us for the weekend!!! So we were in a tripanionship! It has been a BLAST! I have loved the time the three of us have had together! We are driving to Ladysmith to pick up his new companion! 

I have felt really blessed this week too because my Zulu improved A LOT this week! I am finally starting to hear and understand words and phrases when people speak! Zulu is also starting to feel more natural coming off of my tongue! However, I am told that I still have a thick American accent, which is pretty funny I guess... hahahaha

I don't know if it is mission or if it's South Africa but I have been in touch with my artistic side recently! My favourite thing that I have created so far is decorating my new planner! I will send a picture next week. It is pretty sweet. It is covered with a picture of Samuel the Lamanite standing on the city wall with the words "Take a stand" in the middle. I love it because it is an entertaining cross between a pun and an inspiring religious thought!

I think one of the funnest things that we did this week was having a little "going home" party for Elder Jase. We went to a pizza place called Panarotti's. Man. Pizza is the best. It was one of those all you can eat places and I ate 13 slices of pizza, each one a different kind.

It was divine.

After we took our bokkie ( a pick up truck in American terms) up to the highest mountain in Newcastle and had our last nightly devotional up there. It was really cool to look out over the city and reminisce over life and mission! It was a really cool night! 

Fun fact for this week: I am learning to drive manual! Elder Faganello says I'm a natural! So that has been a lot of fun to drive the bokkie this week!! 

Well, that all for now!

Love you all! 

Thank you for the support and the prayers! PLEASE keep them coming! They're working, and they're greatly appreciated! 

Elder Weiler

An action shot from paint ball! 


  1. Elder Weiler, you sound so happy. It is so good to read your emails. But, I really believe that you will find what you are looking for. If you expect people to be unfriendly, you will be drawn to the unfriendly people. If you expect them to be loving and kind, you will be drawn to the loving and kind. With your personality, you will have good people drawn to you. You are friendly, have a positive attitude, and you exude joy. People will be drawn to you and the gospel, because your enthusiasm and sincerity shine. You are awesome.
    Remember, our love goes with you always.
    Sincerely, Claudene Stahle

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