Monday, February 27, 2017

Best P-Day Ever!


This week was great, we had the best p-day ever today. I don't have a lot of time, these email shops are killing me. I'll do my best to make due though!

As a district we decided that we wanted to go hiking today, so we glanced over Maseru and picked a mountain (it's just like that. Maseru is build in the mountains, you just point at one you like. Almost like choosing a puppy. hahha) So we picked a mountain that was long and flat at the top because we wanted to play soccer when we'd finished hiking. We got to the base of the mountain and realized that we were in for a REALLY tough hike, but we were determined to do it! The hike was awesome. 

When we were getting to the peak that we'd picked out, we saw a community of shepherds about 1/2 km's away. They were yelling at us, but we couldn't understand what they were saying. (Note: Lesotho shepherds live in the mountains. Like, all the time. Just them, their dogs, and their flocks. Pretty crazy life.) While we were watching them, we saw two of them start running over to us. We were pretty confused, but decided to stick around until we figured out what was going on. ( We made battle plans in case they wanted to attack us. We were going to throw rocks at them).

When we finally saw the shepherds again they said (in Sesotho) "Come, we want a photo!" We all started laughing and decided to follow them! (good idea?). One of the guys that came to get us is named Thabo, good guy. He told us he was born in there and had always stayed there!

So we finally get back to their camp and meet the rest of the crew. We started to take some pictures and quickly turned into a photoshoot! One guy just picked up his dog and ran into our group photo, another picked up a shovel, another grabbed a rock and it just got to be so hilarious! We're all laughing and having a good time with these random guys we met in the mountains when we remember that we brought a soccer ball! When we pulled it out of the bag they all went nuts!! They were pumped!! So we found a reasonable plot and played a game! Missionaries vs. Shepherds! It was a blast!! Definitely the BEST p-day of my whole mission. It was legendary. I feel like all the detail may have killed the story.... I should have said this:

"Today we went hiking up into the mountains and ran into a community of mountain men, we challenged them to a game of soccer and smoked them. It was a good day."

Take it how you will, it was awesome.

This week we also had zone conference in Bloemfontein! The theme was "Teaching In the Saviour's Way". We talked a lot about repentance. It feels so good to repent. The more I teach others the Gospel Plan, the more incredible it becomes to me. This week I realized the reality of the Fall and the need for the Atonement. If we didn't have a Saviour, it would be OVER. All of it. No salvation, no happiness, no eternal life, nothing! It renewed my love for the Saviour. I need Him. We all need Him! I love our Heavenly Father, who has designed a perfect plan for all of us!

Repentance is infinitely more a blessing than it is a burden. Even though we'd like to think otherwise, we've all got a lot of work to do. Repentance provides that opportunity for us to begin again when we fall short! As I pondered the growth that I've seen in myself, I was filled with gratitude, knowing that I am much better now than I was then; and with a hope that in a year's time, I'll be much better off than I am now!

I challenge all of you never to plateau in your spiritual progression. Never stop improving! I often find myself frustrated with the thought that I'm never good enough, that I can stop now, that I've done enough; but I glory in the Father's plan, which allows us to receive greater joy as we seek to become more like the Saviour. Never stop taking things to the next level! Although it requires much effort, the Lord will give you more than you feel that you are giving away!

Well I don't have anymore time! I love you all! Thank you for the prayers and the support! I know that this is the Lord's work and it is divine!! I know that we're all enlisted in His work! I challenge all of you to reach out to ONE person and share the gospel with somebody. Let the Holy Spirit guide! Pray and ask for the opportunity to share and keep your eyes peeled!! You'll save a soul!

Elder Weiler

Monday, February 20, 2017

The Waters of Mormon + I Think I'm Going Vegetarian...

Bomme le bontate,

This week was nothing short of miraculous. I know the Lord lives. I wish I had the time to explain in great detail, but "time is not on my side" (Brother Kwame from Ghana).

We had an incredible week!! But I hate pizza now. Domino's had a 50% off all pizzas for the whole week, and our district definitely abused that... I don't think I can ever eat pizza again.. hahha! 

This week we were VERY busy making preparations for our baptisms yesterday. To tell a long story short, it was the best baptismal service I have ever attended in my life!! Everybody was baptised despite unforeseen challenges!! (Nice try, Satan.) All in all, Maseru branch had 10 baptisms!! 6 of which were from our area!! It was probably the best day of my entire mission. 

The Lord has blessed us beyond my imagination. I cannot describe nor tell all of the ways in which He has blessed us, but they are all manifested at the baptismal service yesterday. The Lord has poured out His Spirit in abundance these past months!! Upon us, our investigators, the branch, and this whole nation! The change that has occurred in this branch since I came here is almost unbelievable! 

When I got here the member support was iffy.. But yesterday the chapel was PACKED at the service. It looked like sacrament meeting!!! After the program ended, members and investigators hung around and chatted longer than we stayed! It was all a miracle in our eyes.

The water was freezing cold, most people came out of the water and ran into the bathroom hahha Even though it was funny, the Spirit was absolutely with us. The BEST PART of the whole program, however, was the testimonies of all those who were baptised. We had the privilege to listen to all 10 bear powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon, of the power of the Holy Ghost, and of the restored church of Jesus Christ. These people we baptised are converted! That was the most heartwarming and fulfilling sense of it all. Not the number of baptisms or the attendance, but the idea that we had a small role to play in these people's coming to Christ and conversion to  His gospel is the most rewarding sense of this all. 

I testify again that the Lord lives. He speaks to a prophet on the Earth today! He communicates with US through His Holy Spirit. He continues to work miracles among us, I have seen them and I cannot deny that they come from Him! I know that this is the Lord's kingdom on the Earth today! I know that this is His work and we are all enlisted!! 

I can't express what I feel with words. But I'm happy. I love this place so much and I love this work with all my heart. 

Elder Weiler

Monday, February 6, 2017

Darn, it feels good to be a Mormon.

                                                               (London's mini-me)
Dumelang bo-mme le bo-ntate!

This week we got transfer news! 

What are the odds that Elder Jantjies and I stay together?

Probably one in a million...


It's a dream come true. Elder Jantjies and I are staying together for 4.5 months and I'll be in Lesotho for 6 months!!! I'm so pumped!! These past three months have been a ball, and I've grown more than I can explain. The work has hastened like I've never seen on my mission, and we get to do it for 6 more weeks!! 

I'm ecstatic to stay as well because we're planning on having 11/12 baptisms in Maseru branch on the 19th. I'M SO PUMPED. The Lord has blessed us ABUNDANTLY. It's unreal. I cannot express my love and appreciation for the miracles we've seen thus far. I know that He'll continue to bless us as we give everything we have to His work! 

I LOVE this restored gospel. It's brought me the greatest joy I've experienced in my life!! I know that this is the Lord's way. Eish, I can't even express my love and gratitude through this keyboard. I love the Lord. I know He lives. I cannot deny that. I know He still speaks to us today through the Holy Spirit. I know He hears our prayers!! 

In line with the subject of this email, I was pondering 4 Nephi 1:14-17 (shoutout to Elder Adams from Germany. Also, we lived together in Umlazi, now he's moving next door to Elder Jantjies and I! Wahooo!) I adore the line "surely there could not be a happier people among all the people who had been created by the hand of God". I want that! I pondered what it was that brought such unity and joy amongst the children of Christ. It says it was the love of God that was in their hearts! Likewise, all came forth, repented of their sins and were baptised! I realise that this gospel is what will bring peace to the individual who feels hopeless, a family that is falling apart, and a world that grows ever more confused and conflicted with each passing day. This gospel is the only hope we have for real, lasting peace and happiness in this life!! 

Agh, words can't express what I feel. I know this gospel is true. I know that Christ lives, and His Atonement is real! 

Well the Book of Mormon is true. I hope you all know that. If you don't I challenge you to find out! If you will read the Book of Mormon, meditate on the message it contains, and ask God, with faith in Christ, if the book is true - He will manifest the truth of it to you through the power of the Holy Ghost! 

I love this work. It is divine in all aspects (even weekly planning). It is exalting. It is humbling. 

I love you all. I love the Saviour. I know He loves you. 


Elder Weiler