Wednesday, May 31, 2017

"Sorry guys, my deaf friends" + Learning at the feet of an Apostle of the Lord

                                                          Office Action pic!!!!

The past two weeks have been INCREDIBLE! I wasn't able to write last week because we didn't take a p-day (the office is super jealous) (I use the word "super" too much. It's super annoying.)

Last week our mission learned at the feet of Ronald A. Rasband. It was an incredible experience! He initially came for a Priesthood Leadership Training, but we booked two hours to see him. He spoke about his recent general conference talk "Let the Holy Spirit Guide". We also had the chance to ask him some questions about missionary work! As he spoke I felt a clear confirmation that he is an apostle of Jesus Christ; while the same message taught that I am a witness and an agent of Jesus Christ while I'm set apart as a full time missionary! 

I never cease to be amazed at the growth that I've seen in myself throughout my mission. My "greenie fire" has become conviction. My faith in Jesus Christ has become deep and abiding. Today we were teaching our waiter about the Book of Mormon. In the middle of our conversation a man came to our table and began to share anti-mormon doctrine with him, he told us that he lived in Southern Utah for years and felt that he had been oppressed by a cult. It was pretty sad to witness. After he was finished, our waiter said "well, everybody has their own opinion, and I'm looking to form my own". He accepted our invitation to read the Book of Mormon and pray. 

I share this experience because it caused some reflection to occur within myself. I thought about everything he had said, but none of it mattered to me. The light and truth of this gospel has been woven into the fibres of my very being. No man or ungodly influence can deny the divine witness I've received of this restored gospel. It was a special moment for me, to realise the growth of my testimony. It reminds me of 3 Nephi 9:20, that mentions how the Lamanites were baptised by the Holy Ghost and they knew it not.

One last thing that stood out to me from our meeting with Elder Rasband was the question "is your word your bond?".

This week was great, aside from the fact that Elder DePriest and I were sick, again. But the Lord consecrated all of our efforts regardless. We attended two zone conferences this week, both were really inspiring! 

Perhaps the highlight of the week was on Saturday, we did a media stand in Durban Central. As we were talking to people (and we were talking to EVERYONE), a missionary pointed to a group of people who were signing. He was like "go teach them in sign language" and I figured it was worth a try! So I went over and started to introduce myself (in American sign language) and they actually understood me! And even though they were signing in South African Sign Language, I was understanding them!! We ended up having a loooong conversation, through which I introduced myself, chit chatted for a bit, and then I taught them about our purpose and the Restoration! It was great at the end, all the other missionaries were just staring at me... haha all of my new deaf friend committed to come to church! So on Sunday morning we went back to where we met them ( we had arranged to meet them there so that we could take them to church with us ), but nobody showed up... We got bunked. Shame. BUT THIS WILL NOT BE THE END!! 
                                                             Sawubona (Hello) Durban 😍

I realised that this is getting long, but I haven't written the hundreth part of all that I'm experiencing here!! Life is so great! The gospel is so true. If you pray properly, sincerely, and with real intent, you will ALWAYS get answers. My most cherished moments recently have been in lessons with investigators as they pray and ask God if what we've taught them is true. The Spirit has testified every single time, and all of us walk away edified.

I love the Lord and I love His work!!

Elder Weiler
P.S. Also, there's an incredible mexican food resturante in Durban North called "four15", they have a burrito challenge that I've been dying to do. They make a "double wide" burrito ( a burrito the size of two normal burritos ) and if you eat it in ten minutes you win a free t-shirt and a R100 voucher for your next visit! Three of us did it, I was the only one who finished. I'm not sure if I'm proud, or ashamed... hahaha 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tina, the Psycho Therapist


Hello All! Elder DePriest and I are working to cut down our email time and focus more on the work and other p-day errands, so time is permanently short!!

This week was really great! I learned a lot about myself! (especially today..) I learned a lot about pride. Elder Carl B. Cook of the Seventy once taught that when we feel frustrated or offended we should ask ourselves "is it pride?". This week I experimented with that, and I had a rude awakening that I'm not right nearly as often as I'd like to think I am hahaha. It's been a good lesson for me to learn, and I pray that I can grow to be more and more humble with time.

Yesterday Sacrament was powerful! The first talk was about the Atonement of Jesus Christ, it was humble and simple, and the Holy Spirit testified. The second talk was about Mothers in the perspective of the Plan of Salvation and from the scriptures and it was also powerful! I was thinking to myself that this is how sacrament meeting is supposed to be!! Simple and focused on the Atonement of Christ! 

After church we went to follow up on a family we'd met earlier last week, but they turned us down. Elder DePriest and I prayed for direction then and there, and we felt that we need to tract the rest of the street. It was pouring rain, the wind was whipping our coats, and we were COLD. But we really felt that that was what the Lord wanted us to do. We'd tracted the area before with no success, but as we went from door to door in the rain, we found several people who were open to learn more and invited us back!! It was a powerful display of the Lord's hand in HIS work. He's in charge, and when we submit ourselves to do things His way, He opens the windows of Heaven and consecrates our efforts to the salvation of others!! 

Afterward, we went to chat with the fam bam :)) How great! It was so nice to see everybody doing well! 

There's a member in our ward who had us over for lunch a few weeks ago, and as we ate she told us about her profession, she's a psycho therapist. As she told us about what she did we were all pretty interested and she invited us to come visit her office and she would teach us more, so we went this morning! We went and got our blood types (I'm an O+, Who woulda thunk?) and then we went to her office. It was really cool! She taught us a lot about anatomy and different functions of the body and what she does to help people! After that, she taught us about our blood types and all the do's and dont's for our types. It was super interesting! 

Everything is going great here in Berea! The Lord is certainly blessing us, and we've got a lot of exciting plans for this upcoming week!! And Elder Rasband is coming!! Wahoo!!

Have a great week!

Elder Weiler

Thursday, May 11, 2017


                                                                    Hello Durban 


This week was so fast, I don't even know what to say. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we were super busy with transfers, Thursday and Friday we had MLC, and Saturday and Sunday we had Stake Conference, but the Lord has managed to bless us anyway!! 

One of the really profound experiences of the week was actually during weekly planning. After an exciting planning meeting (Elder DePriest and I have big plans for this area) we had our companionship inventory. I've never really liked inventory, but I suppose it's because I never really knew how to conduct it. With that, I've always struggled opening up and sharing my feelings with people. But in MLC we had a lesson about companionship inventory and Elder DePriest and I made a goal to do it every week, and as often as necessary. We actually had two this week! But after our weekly planning we had a really nice inventory and we discussed things that we were doing well as individuals and things we needed to work on as individuals. It was hard for me to open up and share some of my frustrations, but Elder DePriest was really open and loving. After we had a good conversation about some of our potential improvements, I felt so much love! It felt so good to be genuine and to really knock some weaknesses on the head! 

I never cease to be amazed at how the Lord is building me in the mission field. Every area, every companion, every assignment has build me to one degree or another. Elder DePriest and I had a conversation this week about how the Lord is preparing us to run His Church and our families, I know that's true. The experiences that one has in the mission field can't be counterfeited or gained anywhere else! I'm so pleased to be here! I'm so happy to be serving as a missionary! I love the Lord and His work! I know that it's true!! Although we've been so busy, the Lord has led us to so many people who are prepared for His gospel, and we've had several spiritual experiences with strangers this week. For example, we found a Subway in Durban Norht (HALLELUJAH) and as we were there we were able to teach all of the workers about the Book of Mormon! Another night we were able to teach three employees at KFC about the Book of Mormon as well! Even though I'm on mission and this is my life, I know that all of you can have the same experiences if you will pray for them and then open your mouth (yes, even in Utah)!! 

I challenge all of you to share the gospel with AT LEAST 1 person this week, less active or nonmember! Remember that we're not doing missionary work to get people to join the church, we do missionary work so that people can receive the Atonement of Jesus Christ! We do missionary work so that people can feel the joys of repentance and find peace as questions are answered and they feel the love of our Heavenly Father. What we offer is more important and urgent than anything else!!! I testify that the Lord will consecrate our efforts to share His gospel, no matter the immediate outcome.

Have a great week! Remember, the Lord lives, He loves you, and He has a work for you to do!!

Elder Weiler
             Found Chinese food :)) First time on mission #BlessinsOnBlessinsOnBlessins

                                      Found this shirt at Pick N Pay ( my fav store in SA)

Monday, May 1, 2017

Sawubona Berea!

Hellos! This is going to be a quick one because we've got a load of work to do! (I say this every week now, I'm not sure why I still say it.. haha)

I've received more information on my assignment! I'll be working with an Elder DePriest from Manassa, Colorado! We served in the Lesotho zone together and we're well acquainted! I'm SO excited to work with him! We've already had great experiences together!

We're working in the mission office and proselyting in downtown Durban, a town called Berea! The Berea ward is actually one of the oldest in the mission! Wowee! CRAZY THING: There's white people in this ward. It's my first time to attend church with white people, it totally freaks me out. I felt so uncomfortable. But it seems to be a really powerful and organised branch! I'm really, really looking forward to serving here.

Sorry for the lame email! I'm share more of my cool experiences and send pictures next week!

Love you all!  


Elder Weiler