Monday, August 22, 2016

I'm being transferred to Johannesburg? + Anniversary Trip with the Roberts!

Warning: the following email is really long but I promise it's going to be the most entertaining 10 minutes of you life! If you're not satisfied you get your money back!! 

Greetings for Johannesburg! 

This week has been so awesome and so crazy! First of all, it was the last week of the transfer, and we finished it with a baptism! Maki was supposed to be baptized a month ago, but she had to go to Lesotho to renew her worker's visa. But it FINALLY happened!! 

We also had some really really really (that's 3 "really"s) powerful lessons this week about the Plan of Salvation; reading the Infinite Atonement has made me obsessed with the Atonement, and it has broadened the horizons of my mind and my spirit like perhaps nothing else has! As we taught investigators about the Plan of Salvation, we capitalized on the Atonement to make sure that every person that we taught could not possibly misunderstand the eternal significance of the truth that we have a living Savior, we descended and became like us so that we could eventually ascend and become like Him and our Heavenly Father (Hebrews 2:17).

And now for the main event:

On Saturday morning we had our Mormon Helping Hands Project at an Orphanage, and that was going great! UNTIL DISASTER STRUCK (just kidding it's not a big deal, Mom don't freak out) I was pruning this ridiculously tall bush, and to get to the top I had to stand up on something; so while I was cutting (the bushes were looking really nice if I can mention it) the rock underneath me turned over and I fell, while I was falling I tried to catch myself on a fence I was leaning on, and in South Africa every fence is topped with spikes or forks, and on of those forks just so happened to be right under my hand and punctured my palm (how rude). So I was just like "oh no this isn't good" and just ran into the courtyard and was like "Hey.. I need some help.." and then two members and Elder Mcopela jumped to the rescue and drove me to the hospital.

We went to the hospital in the township (bad idea; but please don't judge we were rushing) and we sat there for about an hour and they didn't do anything and I'm just sitting in the waiting room trying to be cool and finally we were like nah man this place is bogus so then we drove to the hospital in Bloemfontein and waited for like 2 hours and FINALLY we got help! 

First and foremost, I got an young(ish) female Afrikaans doctor who was way too excited that I was American and maybe it's because I have had zero contact with girls in almost a year, but she was VERY VERY touchy!!!!! hahaha Elder Moore can attest that it's true! ( 2 Corinthians 13:1) Yeah she was way too friendly and I was freaked out hahah but in the end all they did was give me a tetanus shot and wrap my hand (they wanted to give me stitches but I was like "no ways keep that needle out of my hand woman") and then sent me home.

Now this story would be alright if it ended there... But there's more!

Throughout the day I was really concerned because ever since I hurt my hand I had lost feeling in my ring finger and my little finger! I told the Robert's ( the senior couple in Bloem) and they called the Mission Doctor and he was like oh my days you guys have to come to Joburg to see a specialist (those were not his exact words but it sufficeth me to say that he was very concerned) SOOO this morning the Robert's and me packed the car and left for Johannesburg (Joburg is outside of the mission boundaries so this is a big deal ppl)! We sat in a hospital for four hours today and I think we filled out like 10 pages of forms, but finally we were referred to a plastic surgeon! We met her in the "breast care unit" which was really awkward and had very interesting pictures so Elder Roberts and I just stared at the floor hahahaha

The doctor told me that the fence injured a common digital nerve in my hand and that explained the loss of sensation in my two fingers, so they amputated my fingers!!
just kidding. they didn't amputate. I'm getting plastic surgery on Wednesday! They're going to open up my hand, repair the nerve, close it back up and I'm going to take a nap and wake up with fingers that feel normally again :)) hahaha

So yeah, that's the story! I think Mom is probably booking a flight to South Africa right now to pick me up... But that's the whole of it! I'm okay, don't worry!! I'm mostly worried because we had scheduled appointments and I have to be here until Thursday... hahaha

To make matters better, today is the Robert's 44th Anniversary! And I'm chaperoning!! I have a feeling that this anniversary will be pretty hard to forget... hahaha!

So, that was my week! I'd say it's been a success! I'm so grateful for the protection from the Lord, and I'm so grateful for His gospel! I know that there is no greater joy nor greater peace than that that comes from living righteous and obedient lives! I know that we experience the greatest joy when we are in the service of our fellowman, teaching the gospel, and magnifying our callings and responsibilities! 

Okay this is so long but I had a really sweet impression yesterday during Priesthood meeting -- Life isn't supposed to be easy! It has never ever been in the plan of our Father for life to be convenient! We are here to be tried and tested! We are here to learn and grow -- not to vacation on Earth in mortal bodies, not to waste away our mortal probation with temporal things of no eternal significance, and it's never been in the plan for our lives to be easy going! We have to give something of ourselves to lay up treasures in heaven ( Matthew 6:19-20)! Although life is meant to be enjoyed and life is meant to be good; we should not expect life to be easy! We must teach ourselves  to learn to LOVE to be tried, to LOVE to work, and to LOVE to be mindful and obedient to our Heavenly Father's will! 

I love you all! And I am so grateful that I am able to serve in the Lord's vineyard! I know that this work is true, I know that this message changes lives, and I know that the Savior lives and that He loves YOU!


Elder Weiler

Monday, August 15, 2016

Garage church pics + FUFU

Okay hey guys this is Elder Weiler we're not in a sketchy email shop today we're at the chapel in Bloemfontein and we've totally abused free internet becuase we just watched mormon messages for like an hour and a half so I'm really tired and everybody wants to leave but I HAVE TO UPDATE THE BLOG hahahha so this will probably be the best email ever in the shortest email ever. 

Okay so a winner quote from sacrament meeting yesterday was "Love is making time for someone else in your life" -- I was pondering about that in relation to showing our love for God; and the principle is identical! We show our Heavenly Father by consecrating time to do the things he has asked us! Serving a mission, attending church and attending the temple, doing family history work, serving others, and fulfilling our callings are all excellent ways to consecrate our time and talents to our Heavenly Father and show Him that we love Him! Will you make a conscious effort to show your love for your Father in Heaven this week? (Good missionaries always leave commitments).
Now, for the crowning event of this email. The topic says it all. This week contained one of the funniest stories of my whole mission!! On Tuesday we went to contact a guy that we met while we were filling up with petrol and when we got to his house he was like "Oh yeah so I told my pastor that you guys were coming to visit and he wants you to come visit the church, he's having a session right now!" and we were like Uh-oh... But we just went with it.. hahha so when he said "church" I was expecting a chapel, but we started walking down the street and he led us into one of his neighbor's garage that was decorated with a cross on the far wall and filled with decorated, plastic chairs. He was at the front of the garage standing at a pulpit talking about "dangerous sons" (I have no idea), so we just sat down and listened to the rest of the sermon. 

At the end of the sermon he was like "We are so grateful to have our brothers from the Latter-Day Saints with us, one of them will now come and introduce themselves to us." and Elder Mcopela and I just looked at each other and Elder Mcopela said "Go ahead, it's a once in a life time opportunity". So I got up and made my way to the front of this guy's garage and took my place at the pulpit and introduced ourselves to all 6 people in the congregation hahahaha I established our purpose and then bore my testimony of Jesus Christ while this guy was just jamming out on his keyboard in the back (that was his job), after I finished everybody clapped.. that was weird... I've never had anybody applaud my testimony before... ahahah after I sat down we all sang a gospel song that I didn't know the lyrics and it was awkward hahaha! After closing with a prayer, the archbishop came and invited us to have a meal with all of them, but unfortunately we had to run to another appointment (I was really hungry and really interested in what they were serving... But the world may never know... It could have been bucket juice :) ) 

Well that's it for this week! Everything is great here in Blomanda! This is the last week of the transfer, I can't believe how fast transfers are flying by!!! I think I'll stay here though! Which is exciting because the Lord has blessed us with so many great people to teach recently!! 

Love you all! 

Peace N Blessings,


Pastor Weiler

P.S. My companion hit his one year mark last week.  I got up early and surprised him with some delicious homemade savory bread!

Also, a Ghanaian member, Brother Kwame, made us traditional Ghanaian food!! This is called Fufu! 
I love Ghanaian food too much.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

I'm running out of creative subjects...

Okay so remember last week when I said I had no time? Same situation this week.. EISH!

Also, I apologise for not emailing yesterday; a python got into our boarding so Elder Mcopela and I spent the day hiding and catching it and returning it to the zoo -- the mayor also gave us the key to the city and we're nationally acclaimed for our act of heroism to the wonderful people of the rainbow nation (South Africa)!!!

Just Kidding. 

We had Zone Conference yesterday. hahahhaha but that's just as exciting right?? (Nah.)

The past few weeks have been awesome!! We've had a lot of meetings and exchanges, but I feel like we're growing with each and every one!! Two weeks ago we went to Mission Leadership Conference in Bethlehem (not in the middle east) (that gets confused a lot) and that was awesome!!

On our way to Bethlehem
Picked up a new missionary

 It's so exciting to meet with and hear from President Thompson and his vision for the mission!! He's a great man! I'm so excited to see where the mission goes with him leading us!! He also includes his wife a lot, and I really like that!

This week we had a Zone Training Meeting, and I had a really great experience with receiving revelation concerning what I needed to teach, it is presented as the following (this is a clip of my letter to President Thompson):

Last week I was feeling stressed because I was diligently searching for revelation concerning my ZTM lesson, but to no avail. Finally, as I knelt in prayer just a few nights before our meetings, I asked the Lord to help me prepare and present a lesson that would be most beneficial to our entire zone; I think before I may have had some selfish desires concerning the lesson, but as I humbled myself and promised to do His will, the lesson dawned on me! I taught a lesson titled "How Do I Help Investigators Apply What They Learn From Missionary Lessons?", I searched the scriptures, Preach My Gospel, and my past experiences and as I did, not only did was I able to put together an informative and uplifting lesson, I was able to recognise how much the Lord has worked with me and helped me to become the missionary He wants me to be and the missionary that I need to be! 

Yesterday we had our zone conference and it was awesome!! The spirit was so powerful!! It strengthened my testimony that the Spirit is the greatest teacher!! As missionaries (and as Latter-Day Saints) we can go about teaching as much as we like, but our efforts will be nearly wasted if we don't do it with the Spirit!! Unless our words and our testimonies are confirmed by the Spirit of the Lord, people will not remember nor value what we have shared with them!! Yesterday, the Spirit did the teaching, not President or Sister Thompson or their assistants!!

In terms of testimony, I am falling in love with the Book of Mormon and the Atonement over and over again!! As I study them and really really consider and apply them, I am seeing the absolute relevance that they have in our lives!! They are central to our happiness, both temporally and eternally speaking!! I would encourage all of you to reflect on your testimony of the Book of Mormon and your love and understanding of the Atonement! Study them! Share them!! 

In terms of the work, I mentioned before that we were feeling like we kept hitting dead ends, but after seeking revelation, studying hard, and working hard, I feel like Elder Mcopela have found the right street in our work! I can see ahead, and the future is bright!! (2 Nephi 31:20) I know that this is the Lord's work, and I know that He is guiding us! I know that we (all of us as Latter-Day Saints) are representatives of Jesus Christ! I know that the message we testify of has the power to change lives and bless all those who will believe and act on it!! 

Elder Weiler

This is from a dinner appointment we had with some investigators! They're from Ghana so they made us traditional Ghanaian food! This is Banku and Nkate3 soup! (Yes, I meant to put a 3 there, in Twi (their native language) they have a different alphabet that includes a letter that is almost like a 3.. hahaha)
the Nkate3 soup included Fish, Peanut Butter, Goat Meat, and Chillies called Peri Peri (it sounds gross, but it's better than you'd think!!!) Also, you eat Banku with your hands, I don't know why they put spoons there hahaha! Best DA ever.