Wednesday, August 3, 2016

I'm running out of creative subjects...

Okay so remember last week when I said I had no time? Same situation this week.. EISH!

Also, I apologise for not emailing yesterday; a python got into our boarding so Elder Mcopela and I spent the day hiding and catching it and returning it to the zoo -- the mayor also gave us the key to the city and we're nationally acclaimed for our act of heroism to the wonderful people of the rainbow nation (South Africa)!!!

Just Kidding. 

We had Zone Conference yesterday. hahahhaha but that's just as exciting right?? (Nah.)

The past few weeks have been awesome!! We've had a lot of meetings and exchanges, but I feel like we're growing with each and every one!! Two weeks ago we went to Mission Leadership Conference in Bethlehem (not in the middle east) (that gets confused a lot) and that was awesome!!

On our way to Bethlehem
Picked up a new missionary

 It's so exciting to meet with and hear from President Thompson and his vision for the mission!! He's a great man! I'm so excited to see where the mission goes with him leading us!! He also includes his wife a lot, and I really like that!

This week we had a Zone Training Meeting, and I had a really great experience with receiving revelation concerning what I needed to teach, it is presented as the following (this is a clip of my letter to President Thompson):

Last week I was feeling stressed because I was diligently searching for revelation concerning my ZTM lesson, but to no avail. Finally, as I knelt in prayer just a few nights before our meetings, I asked the Lord to help me prepare and present a lesson that would be most beneficial to our entire zone; I think before I may have had some selfish desires concerning the lesson, but as I humbled myself and promised to do His will, the lesson dawned on me! I taught a lesson titled "How Do I Help Investigators Apply What They Learn From Missionary Lessons?", I searched the scriptures, Preach My Gospel, and my past experiences and as I did, not only did was I able to put together an informative and uplifting lesson, I was able to recognise how much the Lord has worked with me and helped me to become the missionary He wants me to be and the missionary that I need to be! 

Yesterday we had our zone conference and it was awesome!! The spirit was so powerful!! It strengthened my testimony that the Spirit is the greatest teacher!! As missionaries (and as Latter-Day Saints) we can go about teaching as much as we like, but our efforts will be nearly wasted if we don't do it with the Spirit!! Unless our words and our testimonies are confirmed by the Spirit of the Lord, people will not remember nor value what we have shared with them!! Yesterday, the Spirit did the teaching, not President or Sister Thompson or their assistants!!

In terms of testimony, I am falling in love with the Book of Mormon and the Atonement over and over again!! As I study them and really really consider and apply them, I am seeing the absolute relevance that they have in our lives!! They are central to our happiness, both temporally and eternally speaking!! I would encourage all of you to reflect on your testimony of the Book of Mormon and your love and understanding of the Atonement! Study them! Share them!! 

In terms of the work, I mentioned before that we were feeling like we kept hitting dead ends, but after seeking revelation, studying hard, and working hard, I feel like Elder Mcopela have found the right street in our work! I can see ahead, and the future is bright!! (2 Nephi 31:20) I know that this is the Lord's work, and I know that He is guiding us! I know that we (all of us as Latter-Day Saints) are representatives of Jesus Christ! I know that the message we testify of has the power to change lives and bless all those who will believe and act on it!! 

Elder Weiler

This is from a dinner appointment we had with some investigators! They're from Ghana so they made us traditional Ghanaian food! This is Banku and Nkate3 soup! (Yes, I meant to put a 3 there, in Twi (their native language) they have a different alphabet that includes a letter that is almost like a 3.. hahaha)
the Nkate3 soup included Fish, Peanut Butter, Goat Meat, and Chillies called Peri Peri (it sounds gross, but it's better than you'd think!!!) Also, you eat Banku with your hands, I don't know why they put spoons there hahaha! Best DA ever.

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