Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Hello all! This email is coming to you on a beautiful Tuesday morning because yesterday we ventured deep into Lesotho to see THE BIGGEST WATERFALL IN AFRICA. Best zone activity ever.
Yesterday morning we packed into a taxi and ventured three hours into the mountains of Lesotho. The drive was INCREDIBLE. I thought Utah was mountainous but Lesotho is on a whole new level! One of the craziest parts was as we were driving through the mountains we'd see small villages in the valleys. These people live about 80 kilometres from the nearest town. ( A quick Google search told me that is 50 MILES) They have no water, no electricity, and they grow all of their own food. It was pretty humbling. Above all, I felt grateful for our Heavenly Father's plan; all of His children will hear the gospel and have a chance to accept it! These people living in these villages have no idea about the restored gospel, but one day they will, and they will be able to feel the same joy that we feel!
I don't have a lot of time because we're trying to cram emailing into a regular working day, so this will be a short one.
We also had a baptism on Sunday! It was awesome! Her name is Cynthia! She's probably the most powerful/prepared person I've ever baptised on my mission! The service was great! I attached a picture below.

The hike to Semonkong was incredible, we were literally just walking through the mountains and villages until we got to a massive canyon and BAM water falling. It's hard to explain what's so fascinating about a river falling off a cliff but there's something about it. It was a really cool experience altogether, the journey and all!

In terms of the work everything is going great! Elder Jantjies and I have been blessed to be guided to a lot of responsible fathers who want to guide their families in righteousness! We're praying that we'll be guiding a lot of families to the Atonement and to covenant making in the next few months!!
This work is true! God lives! Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the World!


Elder Weiler

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