Monday, December 5, 2016

#TshumaLifasti (#LightTheWorld)

Hello all!

It's blazing hot, every store has a Christmas tree, and we only sang hymns in the early 200s at church yesterday... IT MUST BE CHRISTMAS TIME!! 

What a wonderful time of the year! My heart has been full of gratitude these past couple of days as I've pondered the love manifested in our Saviour's life and His role in the Plan of Salvation! It's incredible to think that God, Almighty and Omnipotent, would send His Only Begotten Son to redeem us, fallen and imperfect people who are "less than the dust of the Earth". There is no greater love than this! It's humbling.

Elder Jantjies and I had a great week! In the mission field December is usually a less effective month in terms of the work. To combat this, we were given a challenge, as a mission, to find 40 new referrals on December 1 to build up our teaching pools and lose ourselves in the work! Elder Jantjies and I decided that we were going to do it -- long story short, we got 93 referrals in one day! It was awesome! We've already contacted 50 of them! This week will be filled with new people who are prepared to hear the gospel! We're so excited!! 

Unfortunately I've got almost no time left, but this week was fantastic!! I'm so grateful for the opportunity that I have to serve the Lord! I LOVE this gospel! This is the way! 

I love the initiative the church has put out this season and I'd encourage all of you to get involved if you haven't already! Elder Jantjies and I have done it every day so far and so can you!!

Sala Hantle! 


Elder Weiler

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