Monday, March 14, 2016

"Now this is the story all about how my life got flip turned upside down"


Well my first week in Umlazi is finished -- and I haven't been shot or robbed yet!! haha!

Umlazi and Newcastle could not be any more opposite! Newcastle was a very quite, safe, and calm town and Umlazi is hectic, sketchy, and noisy township! To make matters better -- Elder Vaughn and I are both two white guys that have no idea what we're doing hahah! But I think we're doing pretty good so far! 

 (Elder Vaughn is next to me, Elder Adams is in the back, and then there's this super weird guy too but idk)
(I was in another threesome for a day -- Elder Human (from South Africa) is in the back and Elder Vaughn)

Our district is ridiculous. It's four Americans; and we all live in the same boarding. So four umlungu's all living together IN Umlazi. Great. hahahah I love everybody in our Distict:

Our district leader is Elder Adams - He was born in Oregon but he's lived the last half of his life in Germany! We met once a the Christmas Party and I have really wanted to serve around him ever since! We've gotten to be really really close friends in the past week! 

Elder Diehl ("Deal") - Born in Idaho, just finished his training period, and he's like the nicest guy in the whole world! We get along super well and we always make short videos kind of like.. .mission snapchat stories hahaha 

and Elder Vaughn - Born in Oregon, also just finished training, super super great guy! He's hilarious too. I have loved being his companion so far! There is a really deep trust that already flows between the two of us that I really appreciate, daily we engage in conversation that is meaningful, uplifting, and rewarding! I really love our companionship studies! 

We've also determined that we're making District T-shirts that say "amaElders e Umlazi Umswanko biwazi" which means "Elder in Umlazi have swag and you know it" hahaha it's actually based on a song that says that "people from Umlazi and Kwamashu have swag and you know it" but we're adapting it to us hahaha so pictures to be sent soon! 

I can't send the video, but in Umlazi we have to run around our house because it isn't safe to run outside hahaha! So I have a video of us doing that and it's hilarious! I'll try to find a way to send it!

We also have some neighbors that have live 5 young kids that run into our gate whenever we open it and come play with us, we taught them the hokie pokie on Saturday hahah I also have a video that I'll try to send!

Well -- all is well here in Umlazi! I really really love it here! The ward is incredible (it's sweet to be back in a ward) and the work is sosososo promising! My favourite thing about Umlazi so far is that you can tract anywhere and people will ALWAYS listen! It's really easy to get contacts! 

I look forward to the rest of my time here and I have hope that it's going to be some of the best times on my mission!!  

Sale Kahle! Love you all!!


Elder Weiler

(The tri-panionship from Newcastle: Elders Weiler, Sixaba, and Agyeman)

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