Monday, March 7, 2016

The Tale of Two Cities

Okay wow first and foremost I forgot my cord to connect my camera to the computer so... no pictures today :((( But I am ECSTATIC to report that I'm not in a sketchy email shop anymore!

Sorry that I didn't get to upload a letter last week, I ran out of time!!

But this letter will comprise both this week and last week! We had transfers today (Hence the subject line), so this week has been pretty hectic!

So I just wanna say that prayers are heard and answered:

Ever since my first transfer I have had an affinity for an area called Umlazi -- it's a township right on the coast that is infamous for poverty and crime, and I have had a strong desire to serve there for the past few months -- well on Saturday I received a call from President Zackrison and he asked me to Follow Up train a missionary named Elder Vaughn in Umlazi W2!!! The Church is true. 

So I got on a bus last night at 2:45 AM and got to Durban at 6 AM, after a thorough inspection of the bus station, I realised that there was nobody there to pick me up! So, deciding to practice developing Christlike attributes, I waited. After practising patience for an hour I gave up and called the APs hahha! Turns out, they made a mistake on the logistics and didn't assign anybody to pick me up! But I will have you know that I have safely arrived in Umlazi!

Last week we received VERY exciting news from the Church Headquarters; in 2011 October General Conference, President Monson announced a temple to be built in Durban, South Africa! However, 4 years later there has been no groundbreaking, BUT the Church came out with an official announcement that the Church is breaking ground for the Durban Temple on 9 April in an area called Umhlanga Rocks (which is a suuuuuper rich area) and get this.. Because I am serving in the Durban Stake now, I get to go!! I'm super super pumped! The temple is projected to finish in 2019, so I've already started planning my trip coming back to South Africa for the dedication! hahaha!

I had some really cool experiences with scipture study and the Sacrament these past few weeks! I wrote in my journal some of the thoughts that I had concerning scipture study and I'll be sure to attach a picture of that next week; but to sum it up now -- I firmly believe that one of the greatest reasons we are COMMANDED to study the scriptures each day is because the scriptures often encourage self reflection, and as experience teaches us -- self reflection leads to realisation of weaknesses and shortcomings! Ultimately, the scriptures reveal a clear path of growth that the Lord would have us walk before we meet Him again!

I have also seen the value of placing the Sacrament at the centre of our week; the sacrament is surely the most important thing we do every week, and surely we should not only think about the Sacrament on Sundays!! Throughout the week we ought to pray for assigned speakers, ponder the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and memorise the sacred prayers that bless and sanctify the Sacrament. Our entire week should prepare us to renew our covenants with the Lord! So, I would encourage each of you to ponder and review your preparation for the Sacrament; I would estimate that most of us can do more to focus on the sacred nature of this Ordinance throughout the week -- so go and change whatever is necessary, and I promise the Lord will bless you for it!!

I think that's all for these past two weeks! Sorry for the drought of pictures recently hahaha but I am determined to send a lot next week!

I love you all and I am so grateful for the support that each of you bless me with!!

Peace N' Blessings,

Elder Weiler

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