Monday, April 18, 2016

What it's like to not eat rice every day?

Beloved friends and family,

Please answer the question in the subject line, I've thought about it a lot, I've even asked other missionaries, but I cannot remember what a typical "American" meal looks like.

Today I don't have much time at all. But all in all, we had an awesome week this week. It was our last week of the transfer and Elder Vaughn and I went out with a bang! We ended the week with 16 new investigators! Unfortunately, Elder Vaughn is being transferred. My new companion is Elder Fransen from California! 
Elder Vaughn and I at the temple groundbreaking

 This is the genealogy of my fathers (on mission) -- Elder Benissan was my trainer, and Elder Welling was his trainer!

I realised that I forgot to explain the subject of last week's email: "Bucket Juice P.2" -- remember a few months back when Elder Benissan and I got ebola from drinking juice out of a bucket? Well last week, Sunday, the Relief Society had an activity and they had refreshments out afterward, and guess what they had amongst all of their treats? Bucket juice. I was so tempted to drink some, but it wasn't ours in the first place hahaha

An attempt to show you guys what Umlazi looks like

But yeah, the Church is still true, that's for sure! We finally got to watch General Conference this week! We actually marathon-ed 3 sessions yesterday -- 6 hours of straight conference! Albeit sitting in one chair for 6 hours, there are few things that I love more than seeing and hearing from our beloved Prophet and other leaders in the Church. 

I would encourage you to take Elder Holland's advice and continue to remember conference! In a few weeks we will all have printed versions of the talks that we heard, we will have videos and audio available for download -- bring conference with you! 

I love you all dearly, and I am so grateful for this opportunity that I have to be totally consecrated to this work! I know that the Lord lives! I know that He loves us! and I know that His grace is sufficient for each of us!

 These kids always terrorize us when we're trying to leave our boarding hahaha

Elder Weiler

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