Monday, April 4, 2016

Very Much Tired

(First remember the story last week about the eating contest at McDonalds?  Yeah as his mother, I've been having nightmares about it all week . . . . well he sent a picture today . . . . he ate all of this!  Why did I allow my children to watch "Man vs. Food"!)

(This picture on the other hand, did make me happy!  6 months down baby!!!)

Yoh. This was a great week of missionary work. The more I think about it the more I realise how good the Lord is to all of us! 

I had a few experiences this week that just reaffirmed everything that we teach. The Priesthood is real, personal revelation is real, and the Church is so so true. If you don't believe me -- try it for yourself! 

Today we're going ziplining for our District activity! So I don't have much time and I'm also super finished hahah so I can't even put an email together. However, I have said this over and over to people that I'm emailing today BUT I'LL SAY IT AGAIN:

This is the Lord's work. I know that He directs it, and I know that He can make us greater than we are now! All we have to do is trust Him! 

I also know that Jesus Christ lives. He loves us. More than we even know! His Atonement can have absolute gravity in our lives -- if you let it! 

So yeah. That's it for this week. I hope I didn't disappoint anybody hahha but that's a missionary pro tip -- when you don't know what to say, testify of Christ.

Love you all! Keep on Churchin'.

Elder Weiler

Also, I'll send some pictures that tell good stories.
1. St. Patricks day + the whitest district in the WHOLE mission

2. Sleeping on the roof.. in Umlazi (side note from mom. . .  .this sounds like a very bad idea!) 

3. I've always wanted to shave my head... So I figured mission was the best time to do it! 
BEFORE . . . 

AFTER . . . 
(go ahead laugh, I did . . . like really hard . . . in fact. . . .  I'm still laughing!!!)  

4. Just saw this taxi this morning -- it has a big sticker across the front "LONDON" hahhaha

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  1. Great letter Styles. You've got the message and the spirit with you. Keep on shining, keep on doing good. When I was AP in the MTC one of my districts was going to Afirca. I always wondered what it was like for them. It's cool to see that being lived out through you. Keep Mission-arying.