Tuesday, July 26, 2016

And they had no more disposition to do evil (Mosiah 5:2) + Rice Krispie Treat Joy

Okay so real quick everybody is waiting for me to finish so I have to be supa quick and write an email that is entertaining but also spiritually uplifting as fast as I possibly can..
The result is as follows:
HELLO ALL!! Thanks for being here week after week! I appreciate it so much!! I love you!!
So funniest story of my whole mission:
We are teaching a middle aged woman named Maki. She is the funniest person ever (the kind of funny person that isn't trying, everything she says and does is just hilarious). She's from Lesotho, and she's GOLDEN!! She brought herself to the church about 6 months ago and has been dodging missionaries ever since, even though she comes to church every week -- but she couldn't deny Elder Mcopela and Elder Weiler!! 😈 We started teaching her about a month ago and now she's being baptised on Sunday!!
But last week we were teaching her about the Word of Wisdom and she told us that she didn't have any problems with it, in fact, she was already living it!! But she did tell us that she had somewhat of a shady past... the conversation went roughly like this:
Us: "So Maki, you promise you won't do drugs anymore?"
Us: "Are you SURE?"
Maki: "YESSS! But I used to sell.. the what? Oh. I used to sell the dagga" (dagga is Afrikaans for marijuana)
Us: "WHAT?!"
Maki: "Yeah! I USED TO BE A MILLIONARE!!" (At this point we're dying from laughter)
Maki: "I even had customers from South Africa! They would travel to come buy from me! YOH! They would bring MONEY!!!"
(and it all ended with us laying on her couch dying hahahahha) It's even funnier if you know her!)
We asked her why she stopped and she said that the Lesotho military came to take her to prison and she refused hahha she promised she would stop and I guess they let her go? hahahahaha
One of the best nights of my life (she also fed us after so that was a plus)
Okay so I have one more funny story but here's a spirtual thought (I'm just gonna copy and paste from my email to President Thompson because I don't have time)

"This week I also noticed many changes in my desires and in my nature! I have always been inspired by Mosiah 5:2 in which it mentions that those who listened to King Benjamin had "no more disposition to do evil" -- last transfer I began to ponder how I could also come to have the same desire to do good continually; as I have searched in hope to change my sometimes selfish or narcissistic desires to aligning my will with my Father's, I have found that the remedy is the Atonement! The past 2 weeks I have spend my Monday and evening hours studying from the Infinite Atonement! It has been a miracle in and of itself to observe the changes that happen within me as I strive to understand and apply the principles of the Atonement of Jesus Christ! I have learned the central message of the Book of Mormon and of the message that we share is that Christ performed an infinite sacrifice that redeems all men from sin through obedience to the laws and ordinances of the gospel! I know that we need to make our lessons more centred on the Saviour and His Atonement, and those principles are found largely from the Book of Mormon!!!"
Okay one more funny story before these guys kill me:

Mom sent rice krispie treats and they literally made me cry tears of joy. Best day ever (thanks Mom :) ). I shared them with a member named Karabo and our conversation went as follows:

Karabo: "These are good, I don't think I've seen these in South Africa.."

Me: "Yeah they're from America" *pointing to the USA Olympic Rings on the wrapper*


Well mission is still the best!! I am so happy! I know that this work is true! I know that the gospel changes lives! I know that the Atonement is real, and that all of us will be greatly blessed from greater testimony of it!!

Elder Weiler

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