Thursday, September 1, 2016

Mom finally gets a long awaited e-mail!

Hahaha Mom I think this is the funniest email ever! I can totally read this in your voice! 

I'M FINE! I went to Johannesburg again today to have a checkup on the hand and they said that it's healing wonderfully! In fact, the surgeon said "I love patients from your church, they're always so healthy and heal so quickly!" hahaha! She also told me that it should be 6 weeks until I have total feeling again! But that's okay, I've totally adjusting to bathing with a bread bag on my hand and using three fingers for everything hahaha! 

I'm sorry that I kept you worrying all week! I promise I didn't do it on purpose!! ;)

The surgeon actually emailed me the pictures of my hand while it was opened up... they're super nasty... But I can send them if you want... hahaha 

Okay I typed everything before this earlier but I'm back now! We have to be in in a few minutes so I don't have much time at all!! Sorry!! On the bright side we had really good appointments tonight and we've got dinner in the car :)) 

But it was a great week this week! the surgery went really great! Next week we're going back to Joburg and they're going to take out the stitches and then we're done!! 

Sorry this is the worst week not to email but I promise that I'm fine! The surgeon is super awesome (we're sharing the gospel with her) and the Robert's are taking great care of me! 

I'm so happy to hear that you're being well taken care of! :)) Elder Masinga was with the Bloemfontein Elders while I was away! But now we're together and loving it!! I feel like we're very compatible in our talents!! So I'm SUPER excited for this transfer! 

I love you so much! Thanks for being the best mom ever! Sorry i wasn't able to call this week! But you can find peace in knowing that I am alive and loving mission!! 

Please send all the fam my love and I'll be better at planning more time to email you all next week when we get back from Jozi! 




Elder Weiler
 So grateful for President and Sister Thompson for also sending us an e-mail letting us know that London is doing well.  They are leading and loving our Durban missionaries beautifully!
This is the same type of "offending" fence.  OUCH!

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