Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Who needs a PDay??

Hou Gan Dit Met Jou? (Bloemfontein and Afrikaans are getting to me)

Well today marks the end of my Joburg weekly roadtrips!! They took the stitches out of my hand and I'm almost back to full capability in my hand!! Elder Roberts and I also placed a copy of the Book of Mormon with my doctor! Last week we gave her the family proclamation! (It's an immersion programme hahaha) and she glady accepted it! It was awesome. We've gotten really close with her these past three weeks! She's the best. 

Well the topic says it all -- I haven't had a P Day since the beginning of the transfer!! Sorry I didn't send an email last week... But the past two weeks have been really great!! Elder Masinga is AWESOME! We've been working really hard and that's definitely my fav thing in the world! He also speaks Sesotho and that helps A LOT! 

This week we drove like CRAZY! On Monday Elder Roberts and I went to Joburg ( 8 hour round trip ), Tuesday we drove to Phuthaditjhaba (4 hours ) for MLC, which was awesome!!! From PJ to Welkom (2 hours), to Kroonstad (1 hour),and back to Bloemfontein on Thursday (2.5 hours), then today Elder Roberts and I went to Johannesburg again!!! hahaha so I've spent a lot of time in a car this week! But it was such a great week; we got to see a lot of the Elders in our zone and see a lot of missionaries from all over! 

Our MLC was soooo good! We talked about increasing our spirituality and letting revelation guide us in our work! I learned a lot about the role of revelation in the Lord's work and in all our our personal labours! It really brought Alma 37:37 to life! Prayer is so powerful! 

 (A big thanks to Sister Thompson for sending these pictures to me.  It looks like "someone" really enjoyed the pizza after the meeting!)

This week we dropped an investigator whom I loved dearly; his name is Samuel, he's from Ghana, and I've never seen somebody read and love the Book of Mormon like he does!!! It's so inspiring! Over the past two months or so we've been visiting and teaching him -- he accepts and loves everything that we teach, but he won't come to church because of xenophobia... While we were in MLC Elder Masinga and I had a prompting that we really needed to sit down with him and talk about our purpose. On Saturday night we met with him and together we decided that we won't be meeting anymore. That's the first time that I've cried over dropping an investigator... I love Samuel so much -- But I know that the Lord has prepared people for us to teach and baptise, and if we're spending time with people that aren't ready we're risking our chances of meeting those people! 

In D&C 4 it says "the field is white already to harvest" -- This phrase has really come to life to me recently. The Lord really does prepare people. As missionaries, we are harvesters!! Not planters, not waterers, but harvesters! Although we might feel really good when we're with certain people, at the end of the day what matters most is their progression! I feel like my trust in the Lord and His hand in our work has been strengthened a lot! I know that when we receive revelation and act on it, we're doing exactly what the Lord wants us to do!! I know that that's true! I'm so grateful to have the Gift of the Holy Ghost and if we're willing and prepared to put in effort, we can have meaningful interactions with our Father in Heaven every day!! 

I love you all! And I love this gospel with all my heart! I love missionary work, it is absolutely the hardest work in the world but it's definitely the MOST IMPORTANT WORK IN THE WORLD!! 

Tot Ziens! 

Elder Weiler

PS 1,000,000 pictures to come next week! Sorry in advance...

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