Tuesday, September 27, 2016

"Pap, intestines, and all you can eat chicken feet!"

HEYO this is Elder Weiler speaking, how do you like my pretty bow?  I don't have time to email so I'm just going to keep typing -- we're going to play with lions (yeah I know) so we've gotta get going and I'm the last one emailing and I'm stressed sorry hahaha

This week was great! President Thompson came to Bloem for interviews and specialised training for our zone! It's always so good to be around him, he's a great mission president! He has a lot of excitement for the work here and it's really contagious!! 

Our paintballing activity was a blast!! We're going to go again next week during transfers -- Lesotho Zone VS Bloemfontein Zone!! So that's going to be super super sweet! Sweeter than sweet (our ward mission leader ALWAYS says that -- His name is Jojo, he's hilarious but also super powerful haha)

Transfers are this weekend and I think my time in Blomanda is coming to an end :(( I have LOVED serving here so much!! The thought that I might be leaving is a bummer -- I wouldn't even mind staying for 6 months!! But we shall see! 

Saturday was Heritage Day in South Africa! It's one of the big holidays in SA! It's when we celebrate all the different cultures in South Africa (there's a lot..... hahha)! We celebrated with a party at the Stake Centre in town! They had members from different tribes come and teach about their cultures, their languages, and traditional clothing (everybody dressed up traditionally, including me, wearing some traditional Ghanaian clothes I picked up in Newcastle hahah)! They even invited a missionary from Idaho, Elder Ottley, to teach about his Cowboy culture!! It was awesome! Afterward we feasted on African food! The meal consisted on just about every food I have ever talked about in these emails -- chicken feet, intestines (tripe), jeqe (bread), pap (corn meal porridge), samp (crushed corn kernels) and beans, sour porridge -- YOU NAME IT! It was there! I love African food toooooo much.

This week was amazing! I realised this week how many miracles the Lord has worked among us this transfer!! At the beginning of the transfer, we went through all of our investigators and decided to drop those that weren't progressing and keeping us from finding the elect; I can testify that that was revelation! This transfer we have found so many incredible people that are prepared for the gospel! People who hear the message and are anxious to act on it! This week we also had a really sweet experience administering a blessing -- surely miracles have not ceased! God still works among men today! 

I'm sorry that I can't write more -- but I want to express my love for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! Everyday it becomes more and more apparent that if there was no Restoration of the gospel, I would not be the person I am today! If there was no Atonement, I would not be the person I am today! If I didn't have the knowledge and the testimony that I have been blessed with, I would not be the person I am today! 

The gospel is a significant part of me! I love the transforming nature of the gospel! I love our Father's forgiving and merciful nature! I know that He wants to forgive us! And I know that we HAVE to repent if we are going to stand at His right hand one day! 

I love you all! Thanks for all the support! Stay Righteous!

Kgotso leli Hlonolofatso!! (Peace and Blessings (Sesotho))


Elder Weiler

 We had a birthday party for Elder Leonard at a member's house this week, it was a blast! This is the district!
Just a tank... driving through town... ???

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