Monday, October 24, 2016

Basotho Boys!!!!

                                                           Elder Shinga and me!


These past two weeks have been great! Last week I was really sick and had to go to the doctor in Bloemfontein (that's why I didn't email|) but all is well in Zion now!! We're back in business!

I don't have lots of time today but I'll do my best to summarise the good, the bad, and the ugly hahaha (just kidding it's all good stuff)

The highlight of this week was on Tuesday night, last weekend we got a call from somebody (Elder Shinga was on the phone) and all I heard is that they wanted us to come speak to some people about the Book of Mormon, so we were like okay yeah that's sweet we can do that and on Tuesday night we went to Maseru mall where a private room was booked for this event -- now in our minds we thought that maybe it was just a small function and they wanted us to come take up some time -- but upon arriving we discover that this is an event where religious leaders from all over Lesotho and South Africa have been invited to discuss the history and the trustworthiness of their holy scripture.... We're surrounded by people in religious garb and suits and we rolled up in our short sleeved white shirts and sweaters (it was a little chilly) not only that but we found out that only one of us could speak and that they were expecting a copy of a seven minute speech on that they could give for press.... whoops. We were a little unprepared. hahahah so I ended up sitting on this council and shot from the hip! AND IT TURNED OUT GREAT! hahahaha it was one of the most fascinating and uplifting functions I've ever been to! It was hosted by the WHPL, which is an organization that is working to helping different religions have greater understanding and support for one another -- in hopes that we can quell religious warfare and conflict all over the world! 

When it came time for me to talk about Christian holy scripture, I was grateful that I was sitting on the council with a pastor from Durban, he spoke about the Bible, which gave me 7 minutes to teach and testify about the Book of Mormon! I had a really sweet experience teaching by the Spirit and at the end of my 7 minutes I feel certain that every person in the room, regardless of denomination, felt the Lord's spirit! There was a distinct reverence that followed that always comes when the Spirit is present. It was a really special experience, it was so humbling to be a mouthpiece of the Lord! All in all, it was a really well executed event and I'm so glad we got to go! Also, the food was so delicious and I definitely pigged out hahaha

This weekend we had Zone Conference and Elder S. Mark Palmer from the Seventy came!! It was phenomenal!!! We talked a lot about the relation between joy and obeidence, goal setting, and our doctrinal purpose as missionaries! It reminded me how simple missionary work is -- WE ARE TO PROCLAIM THE JOYS OF REPENTANCE! Further, we're here to help people access the Atonement of Jesus Christ! The whole point of the gospel of Jesus Christ is to help us find healing and power through the Atonement of Jesus Christ! We also did a Q&A with Elder Palmer and President Thompson and that was awesome!

Overall, I want to emphasize that we're all missionaries! Every one of us that has received the restored gospel has a responsibility to share it! We've on the path to receive the greatest gift God has to offer, eternal life! While we walk along the path that leads to eternal life, we can't be satisfied while our brothers and sisters are perishing and both sides of us! PEOPLE NEED THE GOSPEL! It's the only way back to the Father; and the great plan of happiness was designed so ALL could return to our Father presence in our Heavenly home! 

Well, I don't have much else to say ( that's a first.. ever ) other than to say that I know the work is true! I know that the restored gospel is Christ's gospel! I can't live without it! The Book of Mormon brings light into our lives and the testimonies that lie within those pages are life changing! I'm so grateful to be a missionary! This is the best life a person could live!! I know that we can all partake of the joys of missionary work as we open our mouths and invite others to come unto Christ! 

Sala Hantle! (Stay Well!)

Elder Weiler

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