Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Forget Rand, I Need Maloti!!! + The Book of Mormon Makes All The Difference

                                Making the best out of our dusty area hahah... free advertising!! 

For those of you who didn't get the joke in the subject, the answer lies herein.

Dumelanga!! (PS This turned out longer than I intended it to be but I firmly believe that it is of great significance to you)

Week 6 is come and gone! I CANNOT believe that this transfer with Elder Masinga is already over! It's definitely been one of best of my whole mission! I feel like we've had a lot of success in the past 6 weeks!! I learned a lot this transfer how important companionship harmony is! When you and a companion (this can also be considered in terms of marriage) are unified and equally yoked in your desire to preach repentance and baptize converts, it's beautiful hahah! The Lord has blessed us bountifully!!! 

My time is Blomanda and Bloemfontein has officially come to an end :(( I LOVE it here!! Of all the places I've lived I think I could live in Bloemfontein forever hahaha HOWEVER, I'm being transferred to what President Thompson referred to as "the promised land" -- Lesotho!!! Lesotho is a landlocked country within South Africa and the field is white already harvest! President Thompson wants to have a Lesotho stake before he leaves, so missionaries in Lesotho are working double time!! 

Ever since I got my mission call I've felt drawn to Lesotho! I'm so excited to serve there! I'll be one of six missionaries serving in the nation's capitol, Maseru! Also, the currency in South Africa is the Rand and the currency in Lesotho is called Maloti! So yeah... it's symbolic of my transition.. ha.. ha.

This weekend we got to watch General Conference; we even watched a few sessions live, which was awesome!! The more and more that I teach the Restoration, the deeper the absolute need for prophets today sinks into my heart! We HAVE to be guided today! There is no other way; to say that we no longer need prophets is to say that we don't have changing standards, confusion, and a need for personal revelation.. It doesn't make sense that God WOULDN'T call prophets in our day! I'm so grateful for a loving and understanding Father that communicates to us in these last days!

The second part of the topic reflects something I've noticed a lot on my mission -- this week more than ever. We were visiting a family from the ward this week who is on and off active and less active; we've visited them a few times over the past months and I've always been interested in the way that Ma talks about Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. Let me explain: I've noticed a stark contrast between those that read and understand the Book of Mormon and those who do not by the way that they speak of Christ. Those who read and have a testimony of the Book of Mormon seem to speak of Christ more reverently, personally, and intimately whereas those who do not seem to speak of Him as a celebrity or an urban legend ( no offense intended ). Those who read the Book of Mormon seem to have a greater sense of their accountability for their actions whereas those who do not seem to do as they please and leave it to God to have grace on them; while these contrasts are not spiritually fatal -- they make a great difference in the way that we see ourselves in relation to Deity ( I hope this makes sense ). 

Ma always talks about God in the manner of those who do not read the Book of Mormon -- while she is a woman of great faith, the connection, or the understanding, isn't really there. So we probed a bit into her reading of the Book of Mormon, only to discover that not only has she never finished it, but she has hardly read any of it!! She is familiar with names, but she isn't familiar with stories, doctrines, or teachings. Elder Masinga and I then testified of the absolute import of the Book of Mormon and it's witness of Jesus Christ and His role as our Saviour, the Son of God. 

We also warned her of the danger that comes when we as Saints treat lightly the Book of Mormon (Doctrine and Covenants 84:51-58). 

As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints we have been blessed beyond comprehension by the coming forth of the Book of Mormon -- the central doctrines and teaching of the gospel come from the Book of Mormon! (Atonement, Plan of Salvation, Priesthood Authority, Manner of Baptism, Gift of the Holy Ghost, Repentance etc.)

I know that the warning administered to the Prophet Joseph Smith applies to us today! If we do not remember the Book of Mormon we will be scourged!! We will falter in the face of adversity and we will never have valiant testimonies of the Messiah. It is that clear. We have a treasure in this church and God expects us to treat it as treasure!

If you're not reading something from the Book of Mormon each day then I challenge you to start today -- it is crucial for your salvation! (2 Nephi 32:3-4) If you're studying another book of scripture, follow the footnotes! TASTE FROM THE BOOK OF MORMON EACH DAY! 

I love you all! I love the Book of Mormon! I know that it has the power to change your life! I know that the witness of Christ that lies within those  531 pages contains the most powerful testimony that exists -- that Jesus Christ came to Earth, performed the Atonement, and that He has given us access to that Atonement (ordinances)!!!


Elder Weiler
                  FOUND DP IN SOUTH AFRICA :,)) It's crazy expensive because it's imported. 
                                                          It was a little taste of home!

Remember my 7-legged friend? Well he disappeared shortly after I included him in my email... I thought he died... But he showed up yesterday morning in our bathroom! He scared me to death too hahha

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