Monday, November 7, 2016

The Kingdom in the Sky


It's good to be back! The plague on the Lesotho Zone has passed! 

The past couple weeks have been great, despite flu, a stomach virus, and allergy induced migraines hahaha! This is the last week of the transfer!! I can't believe it!

A few notable events over the past few weeks:

On Halloween I noted 1 year anniversary of Bucket Juice ebola! I celebrated with flu!! hahah

Last week on p day we just decided that we were gonna climb a mountain (there's PLENTY of them around) and that was super awesome! I'll be sure to attach pictures. Fun story: When we got to the top we found a whole herd of sheep, as we continued towards the peak of the mountain some missionaries ahead warned us that there were dogs in the forest. So we all picked up rocks, prepared to fight off wild dogs (we could hear them barking, there was A LOT of them) and as we ventured through this forest we were surprised not only to find like 8 dogs, but two humans! They were the shepherds for the flock, just two dudes living in the mountains with their dogs and their sheep hahah they were also really surprised to see white people (seeing white people in Lesotho only happens like... once every other blue moon)! 
(Halfway up, the hat I'm wearing is part of traditional dress for Basotho. It reminds them of the mountain (called Thaba Bosiu) where they buried their first king (legend says the mountain grows at night, so thieves can't steal his body)

I also bought a Sotho blanket! Becuase Lesotho gets so cold in the winter their ancestors used to make blankets that are crazy warm and eventually it became a cultural thing! So Sotho's make really cool, really warm blankets -- and I now own one... and I love it!! hahaha we brought the blankets up with us to the mountain and took some photos! 
                 (American Africans.. and a South African -- ALL MASOTHOS THOUGH)

The work is going great here too! People are so prepared!! December looks like we'll have a lot of baptisms, which is the most exciting thing ever for a missionary!! They're also having lots of baptisms in Blomanda which is exciting too!! 

Recently I've been impressed with the powerful spirit that comes when we speak about the Atonement; with a greater focus on helping our investigators repent, it's crucial that they understand the means by which a remission of sins comes! As we've taught and testified about the Atonement of Jesus Christ I've been touched by the Spirit almost daily, our investigators have too! As I learn more about the Atonement, I learn more about Christ. I feel myself coming to know Christ as I know my friends! I have a greater understanding of who He is and how I can be more like Him! I know that the way that we draw closer to our Heavenly Father and our Saviour is through the Atonement -- if you want to have a closer relationship with God or if you want to feel the Spirit more make the Atonement a greater part of your life. Pray that you will feel and see the Atonement changing you, helping you overcome weaknesses and desires of the natural man. Pray that through the Atonement you'll be able to forgive somebody that you're holding a grudge against. Pray that through the Atonement you'll be able to feel liberty and freedom from sin and guilt! As you experience the powers of the Atonement day by day you will also come to know Christ personally! You will become more like Him! And at the last day you will take a place with Him in our Father's Kingdom.


Elder Weiler

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