Monday, November 14, 2016

Call Me BABA

                                                   (Soaking up a some Lesotho sun)


I don't think I've ever been more excited for transfer news in my life! Our transfers were a little early, so he came on Saturday morning! I literally felt like I was going on a first date. hahaha I was so nervous but so excited! I didn't know anything about him until he stepped out of the van! His name is Elder Jantjies (Yahn-kees. Like New York Yankees hahah that's how he introduced himself to me. His surname is Afrikaans but he's a Xhosa brotha). He's from Soweto in Johannesburg!! The 3 days that we've been together has been awesome!! He's ready to work and I LOVE THAT! We've set our sights high for the next two transfers!! 
                                                                    Father/Son :,)

Also before Elder Jantjies got here, we were brainstorming some good father/son pictures we could take and we determined the following: In Africa mothers often carry babies/toddlers around on their backs by tying a blanket around them; so we decided that we'll use my Sotho blanket to do the same with my trainee! hahaha the result is attached below...
                                                        .... Mother/Son? hahahha

This week was great!! The only bummer was that there was some political unrest in Maseru and we had to stay in the boarding on Friday and Saturday night -- but we're all safe and everything is okay now!!
Training has already kicked me in the butt a little bit, I've realised that there's some things that I can be doing a lot better!! I'm grateful for revelation and for the opportunities we have to grow and improve!! This week we were reading in Alma 12 with a family that we were visiting and I got caught up on the thought that if Adam and Eve had partaken of the fruit from the tree of life they would have lived forever in their sins and been forever miserable. I'm so grateful for the goodness of our God! He protected them and provided a probationary state for all of us, children of Adam and Eve, as a time repent and to prepare ourselves to stand before our Father again! As I pondered about this I was filled with great joy, knowing that we have a Father in Heaven who cares about us that much! I know that God wants all of us to live with Him again; and through Christ that's possible! I'm grateful for prophets that have, for centuries, revealed the gospel plan to us! I'm also grateful that the Lord has allowed us to enter into a covenant relationship with him -- that we, Gentiles, are able to enter into the House of Israel and be counted as His people at the last day! God is good. The restored gospel is true! The Book of Mormon is the word of God and a man certainly will get nearer to God as he studies it with sincere desires to know Him. 

Love you all!! Thanks for the support! I really love being a missionary! And I know that I'm only here because of the people that have cared for me and groomed me for my whole life! Shout out to all of you! 

Okay sorry one more thing: the quote of the week goes to Ntate Moshoeshoe (a member in our branch) upon hearing that Donald Trump won the election he said "Poor Mme Hilary...." and Elder Shinga and I just starting dying hahaha "mme" means "Mother" but it's totally normal for you to greet a woman on the street and call her "mom" hahah it was just so basotho. I love this place.

                                   The American Brethren of Lesotho hahaha #TrumpsArmy

Have a great week!


Elder Weiler

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