Monday, January 9, 2017

The First Epistle of Elder Weiler to the Americans (and a couple others)

1. And the first week of 2017 ended in peace.

hahaha no time today, lots of good emails (thanks guys :) ) but we had a great week! I had a bowel blockage earlier this week, which wasn't much fun, but it's better now! (shout out to all the fibre).  (He probably should have saved that for his Mom letter :)  Sorry folks--TMI)  We saw a lot of tender mercies this week! I love the Lord! I know He lives and I know that this is His work!! 

Fun fact about Lesotho: There are no addresses. So, this is a real example of directions to a person's house we received while tracting -- "Go to Qoaling, find the place where they sell animal food, everybody knows it. When you get to the shop you'll see a big house, there's too many kids playing there. Ask them for Tsepo and they'll bring you to my house" .......... -_- thanks mme. hahha it's like that EVERY TIME. But somehow we always manage to find them!! (We have the Liahona). (Todd contacted the mission office asking for an address, so that we could send London's ballot for the election in October.  They totally laughed and said, "There are NO addresses in Lesotho")

Cool experience, yesterday we had an investigator bear his testimony during sacrament meeting. When I saw him get up I was surprised, a little unsure of what he might say, but he bore a sincere, powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon, a living prophet, and the restored church! It was really rewarding as a missionary to see somebody you've been working with feel confident to testify to a congregation of the truthfulness of the Restoration! I feel like a proud Dad :) He's being baptised this Sunday too! We're really excited for him; he's had missionaries teaching him on/off for FIVE YEARS. IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING!

God is good.

(He sent 6 pictures but I couldn't open them!  Such a bummer!)

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