Monday, February 20, 2017

The Waters of Mormon + I Think I'm Going Vegetarian...

Bomme le bontate,

This week was nothing short of miraculous. I know the Lord lives. I wish I had the time to explain in great detail, but "time is not on my side" (Brother Kwame from Ghana).

We had an incredible week!! But I hate pizza now. Domino's had a 50% off all pizzas for the whole week, and our district definitely abused that... I don't think I can ever eat pizza again.. hahha! 

This week we were VERY busy making preparations for our baptisms yesterday. To tell a long story short, it was the best baptismal service I have ever attended in my life!! Everybody was baptised despite unforeseen challenges!! (Nice try, Satan.) All in all, Maseru branch had 10 baptisms!! 6 of which were from our area!! It was probably the best day of my entire mission. 

The Lord has blessed us beyond my imagination. I cannot describe nor tell all of the ways in which He has blessed us, but they are all manifested at the baptismal service yesterday. The Lord has poured out His Spirit in abundance these past months!! Upon us, our investigators, the branch, and this whole nation! The change that has occurred in this branch since I came here is almost unbelievable! 

When I got here the member support was iffy.. But yesterday the chapel was PACKED at the service. It looked like sacrament meeting!!! After the program ended, members and investigators hung around and chatted longer than we stayed! It was all a miracle in our eyes.

The water was freezing cold, most people came out of the water and ran into the bathroom hahha Even though it was funny, the Spirit was absolutely with us. The BEST PART of the whole program, however, was the testimonies of all those who were baptised. We had the privilege to listen to all 10 bear powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon, of the power of the Holy Ghost, and of the restored church of Jesus Christ. These people we baptised are converted! That was the most heartwarming and fulfilling sense of it all. Not the number of baptisms or the attendance, but the idea that we had a small role to play in these people's coming to Christ and conversion to  His gospel is the most rewarding sense of this all. 

I testify again that the Lord lives. He speaks to a prophet on the Earth today! He communicates with US through His Holy Spirit. He continues to work miracles among us, I have seen them and I cannot deny that they come from Him! I know that this is the Lord's kingdom on the Earth today! I know that this is His work and we are all enlisted!! 

I can't express what I feel with words. But I'm happy. I love this place so much and I love this work with all my heart. 

Elder Weiler

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