Monday, March 20, 2017


The baptisms this weekend went great!!! The members are becoming very missionary minded and oriented on retention! It's incredible. The growth I've seen here is a miracle. I don't know if I could be happier with what the Lord has done through us in these past months here. 

I received news that I'm being transferred from Outer Darkness right into the Celestial Kingdom! I'm going back to Durban! I'll be serving in a township called Kwamashu! It's not far from Umlazi, where I served this time last year! I'm SUPER excited! (I was thrilled to received pictures and updates from a member of the branch yesterday, telling me the news that he was being transferred.  It completely made my day to hear her kind words about our missionary and the wonderful baptisms yesterday! Precious and her husband are stalwart members and are so good to the missionaries!  They also just had a beautiful baby girl!)


Although I'm going to miss Maseru and Lesotho like CRAZY, I feel hopeful for the upcoming transfer! I'll be working with an elder from Uganda, Elder Isoba! He actually started his mission in Lesotho, so we know each other pretty well!

In short, all is well this side! The Lord is blessing us bountifully! 

RIP to Elder Weiler and Elder Jantjies -- best trainer/trainee companionship in SADM.(South Africa Durban Mission)

The Lord lives! This is His gospel! The Book of Mormon is the word of God!  

Sala Kahle! (back to isiZulu)

Elder Weiler

PS I have tons of great pictures, but circumstances are preventing me from sharing them. Expect tons of good ones soon!

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