Thursday, May 11, 2017


                                                                    Hello Durban 


This week was so fast, I don't even know what to say. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we were super busy with transfers, Thursday and Friday we had MLC, and Saturday and Sunday we had Stake Conference, but the Lord has managed to bless us anyway!! 

One of the really profound experiences of the week was actually during weekly planning. After an exciting planning meeting (Elder DePriest and I have big plans for this area) we had our companionship inventory. I've never really liked inventory, but I suppose it's because I never really knew how to conduct it. With that, I've always struggled opening up and sharing my feelings with people. But in MLC we had a lesson about companionship inventory and Elder DePriest and I made a goal to do it every week, and as often as necessary. We actually had two this week! But after our weekly planning we had a really nice inventory and we discussed things that we were doing well as individuals and things we needed to work on as individuals. It was hard for me to open up and share some of my frustrations, but Elder DePriest was really open and loving. After we had a good conversation about some of our potential improvements, I felt so much love! It felt so good to be genuine and to really knock some weaknesses on the head! 

I never cease to be amazed at how the Lord is building me in the mission field. Every area, every companion, every assignment has build me to one degree or another. Elder DePriest and I had a conversation this week about how the Lord is preparing us to run His Church and our families, I know that's true. The experiences that one has in the mission field can't be counterfeited or gained anywhere else! I'm so pleased to be here! I'm so happy to be serving as a missionary! I love the Lord and His work! I know that it's true!! Although we've been so busy, the Lord has led us to so many people who are prepared for His gospel, and we've had several spiritual experiences with strangers this week. For example, we found a Subway in Durban Norht (HALLELUJAH) and as we were there we were able to teach all of the workers about the Book of Mormon! Another night we were able to teach three employees at KFC about the Book of Mormon as well! Even though I'm on mission and this is my life, I know that all of you can have the same experiences if you will pray for them and then open your mouth (yes, even in Utah)!! 

I challenge all of you to share the gospel with AT LEAST 1 person this week, less active or nonmember! Remember that we're not doing missionary work to get people to join the church, we do missionary work so that people can receive the Atonement of Jesus Christ! We do missionary work so that people can feel the joys of repentance and find peace as questions are answered and they feel the love of our Heavenly Father. What we offer is more important and urgent than anything else!!! I testify that the Lord will consecrate our efforts to share His gospel, no matter the immediate outcome.

Have a great week! Remember, the Lord lives, He loves you, and He has a work for you to do!!

Elder Weiler
             Found Chinese food :)) First time on mission #BlessinsOnBlessinsOnBlessins

                                      Found this shirt at Pick N Pay ( my fav store in SA)

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