Monday, May 23, 2016

Family Home Rituals -- Best Family Time EVER

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Sisters and Elders, Welcome to the Weekly Email! Thanks for being here every week -- means a lot :,)

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Okay, let's see what I can do in the next 23 minutes:

This week was also the best week ever!! I think my favourite part about mission is that it never gets old! Every week holds new experiences, knowledge, and testimonies! I cannot fully express my gratitude for my own missionary service and for the service of full-time, Service, and member missionaries around the world! This truly is the Lord's work! 

Elder Fransen and I had an excellent week this week! We are planning on 4 baptisms this Sunday so we're suuuuper pumped! It's the last week of the transfer this week, so there would be no better way for us to clebrate an incredible 6 weeks together! As of now I have no idea whether or not I'm staying in Umlazi or not. I have so many mixed feelings, but we'll know soon enough! My time in Umlazi thus far has been a dream come true! 

Last week I mentioned that one of our investigators told me that I'm getting chubby, to make matters worse Elder Chapo (from Zimbabwe) told me that "If all young men saw you everyone would serve missions!" and I was like "What does that even mean?!" and he said "You can tell that members are taking GOOD care of you!" so.. yeah. I'm starting to get real self concious about all this chubby business. But my pants still fit, so I'll let that speak for itself. hahaha However, I'm fighting the chub -- for the past three weeks Elder Fransen and I have been walking to church with new investigators so they know how to get there; and man. I've gained so much respect for them. Umlazi is literally all hills. The whole township is built in hills and valleys. So walking to church feels like hiking Mount Everest hahaha! But every week we've made it safely, on time, and still breathing! #blessed

This week shaking hands with people has also be a horror. We did a lot of service this week and the majority of service that we do is cutting people's grass; except rather than pushing a lawn mower over their yard we are literally cutting grass and weeds with blades. It's like try to cut your lawn with a sword! So it's a lot of hard work and energy for such a meager task hahah! It also makes your hands blister like crazy from swinging the blade so much! But on the bright side, we're getting really good at cutting lawns 😎 (if you can call them lawns).

Yesterday was super awesome. Church was great! President Zackrison promised us in Zone Conference this transfer that because we weren't able to attend the temple, the Sacrament could take it's place as a time to feel close to our Heavenly Father and receive revelation for our investigators and for ourselves; this week I put it to test and the results were incredible! It may have been one of the most meaningful Sacrament meetings I have ever had! I really did feel the Spirit of the Temple during the administration of the Sacrament! 

Yesterday we also got bunked a lot. Sundays are usually bunk days (which doesn't make sense to me) but yesterday was ridiculous! Up to 6 PM we had only taught one lesson. So we were dying from getting denied and bunked at every house we went to -- and finally at 6 o'clock we met with a brand new investigator that we met a few days ago; so we go in and we start getting to know her and we could see that she was SUPER anxious to start talking about the Restoration ( we left her with a pamphlet, which she read and annotated in preparation for our visit ) and we were having this super super awesome lessons when all the sudden her uncle walks in, sits on the couch (at this point I was thinking "awesome! He wants to listen too!") and tells us that we need to leave because it's time for their "family ceremonies"... Elder Fransen and I just stared at eachother, then Precious (the new investigator) and were like "Really?" and he said "Yes, every day we have our family rituals at 6:00" (it was like 6:30 at this point) so we awkwardly closed with a prayer, packed our stuff up, set a return appointment BEFORE 6:00 and left our super awesome half-finished lesson. So that was probably the most anti-climatic lesson I've ever had since I came on mission hahah. Fortunately we're going to finish the lesson tomorrow! 

But amongst being bunked, rituals, and exhaustion, Elder Fransen continued to fin joy in the Lord's service! I know that this church is true! I know that the Atonement is real! And I know that all of us have great worth in the eyes of our Father in Heaven; above all, I know that each of us have been bought with a price, that our Savior, Jesus Christ, suffered and died for YOU! That He lives today, and through Him, you can also live with them again in our Father's Kingdom. 

Sala Kahle! 

Elder Weiler

Ps Forgot my cord so no pics :(


Elder Weiler

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