Monday, May 16, 2016

"Fransen and Weiler's Barber Shop and Mouse Extermination"


I literally don't know how to start this email.. This was one of the best week's ever! Unfortunately, I don't have the time to write an email to do it justice! 

But I want to share a few highlights from the week!! 

First of all, I think I have a great business idea (see Subject) hahah this week Elder Fransen REALLY needed a haircut and he asked me to do it, this was terrifying for two reasons
1) I have never cut the top of somebody's hair (the most important part)
2) Elder Fransen loves his hair

So I courageously accepted, and I have to say... It didn't turn out half bad! Especially because he only has a 4 and a 1 guard for his clippers. So I cut his hair with a 4 guard and a pair of paper cutting scissors.... And it looks good! Investigators even asked him which shop he went to for the haircut 😎

We also discovered this week that we have a mouse ( I pray that it's only one ) and Elder Fransen, being a farm boy was excited as ever to catch it! After tearing about the house chasing it, we FINALLY caught it last night when it ran right in front of us while we were sitting on the couch! So we trapped it in an ice cream container and named his Qaphelani. Unfortunately the white handbook says we can't have pets so we had to set him free (RIP Qaphelani).

In other news an investigator told me that I'm chubby so.... that's.. awesome? She said that it means I'm "healthy"...

We had some really really awesome tender mercies this week:

One of which was teaching the sweetest family in the world. The Dubazane's, to make a long story short they were found purely from revelation. Sitting in their home and testifying of the Plan of Salvation felt so right. It's families like them that make me so grateful to be a missionary! I pray that one day they can be sealed for time and all eternity!

Another highlight is teaching a group of guys we refer to as "the 300 crew" (by their request) because they all live at D300 in Umlazi! 

This is a portion of my email to President Zackrison about them:

"Umlazi is truly "white, all ready to harvest"; the work here is incredible! Yesterday when we finished our day, I felt almost overcome with God's love for the people that we're teaching, it was unlike anything else I have ever felt! When we visit them and listen to their young and growing testimonies, I am filled with joy to think that I have played some role in bringing one of my brothers or sisters closer to our Father who resides in Heaven! Last night we were teaching five guys in a small tenet house, and as we discussed the Atonement of Jesus Christ and it's enabling power I had a small vision of all of these 5 guys wearing white shirts and name tags, proudly carrying the name of Jesus Christ to all the world. I knew that the Lord has prepared these young men to receive this gospel! I know that this is His work!"

Well in the last few minutes I have I want to testify that God really lives and He really loves us! I also know that Jesus Christ lives and He really did die for us! It is because of our loving Father and Brother that each of us may live with a "perfect brightness of hope"! This is their gospel! This is their work! And this is their Church! 

I love you all and thank you for all of the support! (Also, I'm sorry I use parenthesis so much) (oops)

Elder Weiler

(Also for a Momma Weiler side note . . . I recently gave an update about London in Sacrament Meeting and told the story of "The Bucket Juice" and personally thanked the Relief Society for NEVER serving us juice out of a bucket . . . . . . . can't say that anymore!  This is what I was served at our R.S. meeting this week, after playing The Price Is Right (the reason I'm dressed up)!

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