Monday, May 30, 2016

Sala Kahle Umlazi, Dumela Bloemanda


This week's email is going to be really short, but there is news to be reported and stories to be told -- the people need to know! 

This weekend was transfers! I am leaving my beloved Umlazi to go to Bloemanda! Bloemanda is another township area outside of a big town called Bloemfontein! Bloemanda is also in the Free State Province so I'm leaving the KZN, which also means that I'm leaving isiZulu too :(( (After 9 months of trying to master it, I've finally gotten to the point where I can hear Zulu) And now I'm going to have to start learning Sesotho, the language predominantly spoken in the Free State and Lesotho! 

In the SADM missionary also refer to Durban and areas around Durban as "the coast" and areas in Free State and Lesotho are referred to as "Outer Darkness" because it's soooo far from everything else! So... I guess I'm going to do my time in Outer Darkess! I also have to mention that here on the coast we're enjoying the most beautiful "winter" weather ever! Sunshine every day! But in the Free State it's FREEZING cold and sometimes it snows so.. yeah... I had to buy a new hoodie and hat today ahaha

This week was awesome! Although I'm really bummed about having to leave Umlazi I'm so grateful for the time that I have had here! The past three months here have been the best of my mission! I know that the people we taught here and all the people that I'll teach from this point on are children of our loving Heavenly Father, people that have been prepared to receive this gospel! I know that He directs this work! I know that He needs a lot more than 75,000 missionaries to do His work! He needs all of us! Every member! We are engaged in the work of saving souls and every single heart turned back to Him has great worth to Him! I know that the Heavens truly rejoice when one sinner repents, more so than when 99 righteous followers of Christ repent! I know that each of us, having a knowledge of this gospel and having received the Gift of the Holy Ghost are qualified and have been enlisted in this the Lord's work! I am a first hand witness that "the field is white, all ready to harvest"! So no matter who you are, I plead with you to open your mouth and share what you know! And in doing so, you will be blessed greatly, you will rejoice with the angels of Heaven! 

I know that this gospel is true! I know that the Spirit is real, that revelation does come when we seek it out; I know that God is good, all the time and that His hand is ever present in our lives; I know that Christ lives, and that because of Him, we can all live again with perfect, resurrected bodies! I know that although all of us fall short of perfection, we can all enter into the Kingdom of God if we are willing to fall down at the feet of our Lord -- to repent of our sins, to accept His will, and to do His work! 

I love you all! Thank you for all of the support!

Elder Weiler

PS I forgot my cord again... so no pictures this week :((

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