Monday, June 20, 2016

Bag stolen . . .really!?!

(London didn't have much time today, but he did send a short e-mail to me, which I thought I would share.  Thanks so much for your love and support!)
Hey Mom!!
This was a great week!! But I actually had my bag stolen last week.... So I lost my scriptures and the SD card that you sent me. I'm so sorry about that. I know that you spent a lot of money on it. I should be getting new scriptures from the office sometime this week!
Thanks for the pictures!! I'm glad to hear that Alys's funeral went well. How is the family doing now?

Things are going really well here, the work is a little slow because the area was just whitewashed, so we're still working our way into things, but we're seeing very real progress! We are also rejoicing because of the revelation we're receiving that's guiding our work!! The Lord is definitely watching out for us!!!
Being a Zone Leader is great, but we have to travel a lot, so we aren't able to work in our area as much as we'd like to, so that's a little disappointing, but we're still making a way!! The work of the Lord must go forward!! (I also say that all the time). Also, will you please update my blog and mention that I don't have time to write a weekly email today? Send my apologies.
I love Elder Mcopela! I really love him! We're great friends!! He also loves the work and he has a really sweet testimony! He joined the church when he was 20, he's 25 now, and his knowledge of the gospel is astounding! I think my favourite thing about him is that we have so much fun doing the work! We both love to teach so when we tract we tract with purpose!! Even just walking around and contacting we're always having a good time! The time is FLYING by! I can't believe that this transfer is already halfway over!! I feel like my mission is flying by too quickly!!! I don't want to leave!! (no offense)
We're serving in a ward! The members are great, but we're still wrestling to get them involved in the work with us, but we're most definitely seeing progress!!!
Love you so much!! Please tell Grandpa that I said Happy Father's Day!! Also tell Gogo I said I love her!! :))
Did you make cinnamon rolls yesterday?? I was definitely dreaming of them while we were at church yesterday ahhahaha!
Thanks for always being here every week! I always LOVE your emails and I LOVE hearing from my sweet mom!!
I hope you have the best week ever!!


Elder Weiler

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