Monday, June 27, 2016

Microwave mishaps, Climbing Mountains, and Revelatory Popcorn!

Okay I'm not even wasting time with a whitty beginning because I have two weeks to report in 26 minutes.

Life is awesome. The church is true. This work is most definitely, undoubtedly, and unequivocally (shoutout to Elder Rowe from England for that last adjectivce (it sounded way better in his accent))
the Lord's work!! I LOVE IT! 

This week was probably the best week of my mission. Here's why:

Last week while Elder Mcopela and I were weekly planning -- forget it I'm attaching a portion of my email to the mission president (my FIRST letter to our new mission president! He arrives with his family tomorrow!)
"last week during weekly planning, Elder Mcopela and I were discussing the status and progress of our investigators and the work as a whole, we've been working hard, but we felt our efforts weren't leading anywhere! Although we were teaching and testifying, investigators didn't seem to progress, although we met with members and taught them the overs and unders of missionary work, members didn't seem to want to help us -- as we contemplated these things, we received very clear revelation, we weren't using the Book of Mormon enough. As we recognised and began to apply the Book of Mormon in all of our lessons, it was also revealed to us that we weren't being bold enough, and that we needed to make our purpose more clear to everybody that we met! As we received continued revelation our energy and our excitement grew more and more bright, that energy and excitement carried us through our week, and as we reviewed our stats yesterday we discovered that this was our best week yet, by far!! "

Elder Mcopela and I also read a quote from PMG that talked about having our "fishing lines" in the "water" -- referring to being effective and working hard while we're in the area, we knew that our lines were in the water, but we need to Change the Bait!!! #ChangeTheBait 
The comparison actually brought to life Christ's invitation to "Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men" -- through revelation, Elder Mcopela were guided to "cast our nets on the other side" and they were definitely filled!! I know that the power behind the Book of Mormon is the power to convert, soften hearts, and answer prayers! It is true! There is NO other option! 

A great portion of my joy also came from speaking boldly -- as missionaries we have the authority to preach the gospel by the spirit of the comforter, but unless we seek it, that authority will not translate into spiritual POWER! This week I really felt like Elder Mcopela and I spoke with power and authority, and it worked! People listened! Investigators are progressing! And the ward will grow!

In addition to revelation concerning the Book of Mormon, baptismal commitments, and boldness -- it was revealed to us that if we want to more fully fulfill our purpose as missionaries we need to be working with more Part Member families, to enable them to enter the doors of the Holy Temple to be sealed for time and all eternity! 

Also, I only said revelatory popcorn because all of this revelation came as Elder Mcopela pondered in silence eating popcorn hahaha

But I stand as a witness that because of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the windows of Heaven have been opened again! That God is guiding us! I am also a witness that Miracles have not ceased!! The Lord lives! 

We also had two microwave explosions this week... 

We were warming up a container of food that an investigator cooked for us.. I guess the lid was on too tight... It was a disaster... and the food looked REALLY good... RIP

the second was a boiled egg that Elder Mcopela tried to warm up... also... terrible mess.. RIP egg :(

Last week we had our Zone Activity, we climbed Thaba Nchu Mountain! It was AWESOME! The best Zone Activity I've ever had! Upon arriving I was feeling confident in my mountain hiking abilities, BUT I WAS HUMBLED BY THAT STEEP, VICIOUS MOUNTAIN! But it was awesome. The view was INCREDIBLE! I took a TON of pictures but my camera won't connect to this computer soo... tons of pictures next week! But it sufficeth me to say that is was awesome. We had the time of our lives! 

Okay, this email is already really long, but I feel like I could write forever. This really has been the best 2 weeks of my mission. Receiving, following, and witnessing revelation has brought boundless joy to Elder Mcopela and me! I have said this in every email I've typed today but I love mission more than I can ever describe with words!! This is the best time of my life. I love the change that has occurred in me! I love the knowledge that this Lord has blessed me with; increased understanding of the gospel has changed my perception on life! It has helped me to know what I can do to prepare for the eternities!! 

I know that this church is true. I'm not afraid to tell any man or woman that! THIS IS THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST! WE ARE GUIDED BY A PROPHET CALLED OF GOD AND NOT OF MAN! I pray that you might find the same joy as you continue to FEAST upon the words of Christ, open your heart to the Lord daily, and pull down and follow revelation from the Lord!! 

Elder Weiler

PS We also had to say goodbye to President Zackrison and his wife last week -- that was hard! I LOVE them! I will always remember them! But I'm PUMPED for President and Sister Thompson! 



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  1. It sounds like your having a great time Elder Weiler. It's hard to believe I've been home over 16 years! I miss being called Elder Weiler. It's awesome to see you carrying on the legacy. Always remember the spirit teaches and the spirit converts. You are a vessel sent to say the things the savior himself would say if he was there to teach your investigators. It's an amazing call to be the lords voice. Stay strong work hard and be ye not discouraged. The lord will bring you many sheaves.
    (Formerly Elder Richard Weiler)
    Yeah, that still has a ring to it. It was the best time of my life too. Thanks for your faith and thanks for sharing.