Monday, June 6, 2016

Welcome to the Wild, Wild West of South Africa (Blomanda)


Okay I am terrible with managing time while I'm emailing, also the guy next to me at this shop keeps asking me about "mindset success" and I have no idea what that is so I only have 14 minutes to type the greatest weekly email that this world has ever known...

To make a long email short:


My first week in the Free State has been incredible! I love it so much here! I have been fascinated how much missionary work changes with environment! Missionary work is totally different amongst the Sothos! However, I feel like I have already learned so much this week! I have high expectations and so much hope for this transfer! 

After a 11 hour bus ride I finally arrived in Bloemfontein! We were greeted by almost the whole zone of missionaries! I have really loved the brotherhood that exists here! 

Just like the subject says, Blomanda literally looks like those classic Old West towns that you always see in the movies, except everybody has barbed wire fences and their houses are made out of cement hahaha!

But I have loved the area so far! The ward also seems incredible! The only struggle that we have faced thus far is that the area was just whitewashed last transfer, so our teaching pool is shallow and we aren't acquainted with all the members yet, but we're absolutely doing our best to get there! I am certain that the hand of the Lord has guided us this week and we have worked to find new people to teach and to familiarise ourselves with the area! 

In terms of a spiritual thought, I'll include a portion of my email to my favourite little brother, Styles (shoutout) --

"I think the best admonition I can leave with you comes from Elder Mcopela-- he says that "we can't get too comfortable knowing that we are members of the true church, it's not enough to have our own testimonies, we HAVE to share the gospel!" Nowadays, it's not enough to save ourselves, we have testimonies of the fulness of the gospel! We cannot let our brothers and sisters perish in unbelief while we are totally qualified to open our mouths and invite them to experiment on the principles of the gospel! We can help people find the answers to their questions, find the fulfillment that they're looking for, and help them receive forgiveness of their sins!" 
I challenge all of you to open your mouths this week! To test the Lord's promise that He will show us in the very moment the words that we need to say! I add my own promise that as you actively seek out opportunities to share your testimony and invite others to come unto Christ that you will experience and retain a deeper conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ, that you will feel greater joy, and that your eternal perspective will deepen!

With love (and two minutes left on my timer), 

Elder Weiler

Leaving Umlazi and headed to Blomanda . . . .
 There's an Elder in the mission that looks just like me! We even have the same clothes and the same haircut! But I don't think he really likes me...
I knew I was becoming an African...

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