Monday, June 13, 2016

No electricity, no problem.


First and foremost, mission is flying by! I felt like I was sitting here, rushing to type a weekly email, just yesterday! 

We had a great week! Here are a few highlights:

On Wednesday we drove to a little town called Bethlehem (lame reference to a hymn) and had a Mission Leadership Conference! It was suuuper nice to roadtrip (the round trip was 500 kilometres (RIP to our monthly K allotment)) and the meeting was incredible! As I left the meeting I felt somewhat crushed by the weight of all that I need to change as a missionary, the meeting really opened my eyes to a lot of my shortcomings and weaknesses, however, the next day I read a quote that I LOVE -- it says: To gain knowledge we must recongise that we lack knowledge first" -- and that really brought everything into perspective for me, I realised that me seeing all of these things that I needed to change wasn't supposed to discourage me, but it was the Lord showing me where I can grow! I am so grateful for the constant opportunities we have to spiritually grow and mature, provided through the Atonement of Jesus Christ! 

This week I have found myself saying "The Church is so true" more often than usual hahaha, Elder Mcopela and I have been blessed with so many faith building and testimony confirming experiences! Unfortunately, lack of time prevents me from sharing all of them, but it sufficeth me to say that we have had so many tender mercies this week! The Church is most definitely true!! I have pondered a lot Christ's advice concerning false prophets -- He said "By their fruits ye shall know them" -- as I have really considered and pondered the "fruits" of the Church I realise (more logically than spiritually) that the Church really is true!!! The Lord really is communicating with us through our beloved Prophet, certainly miracles have not ceased!!! I'm sorry that this is so scatterbrained but I'm literally racing the clock right now ahaha

Also to explain the subject our electricity went out again last night but I think I've become well acquainted with dark, cold showers hahahah TIA (This is Africa)

Lastly, when I first got here, I was very satisfied with the weather -- cold mornings, warm afternoons, cold nights -- but now... It's literally Freezing mornings, numbing afternoons, and hypothermic nights hahahaha however, Elder Mcopela and I have managed to survive! it's good to be back in Utah winters!! (That was sarcastic) (I still use parenthesis too much).

Sala Kahle!!

Elder Weiler

Pics: This is an area called "Beans" ( I have no idea why ), I also think the stray dog really really brings the reality of what it's like here hahahah

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