Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Restoration Made Possible Day!!!

My fellow Americans,
It seems like every week I have less and less time to write about better and better weeks!!!! (I'm the worst)
I have 17 minutes to share with you the fastest week of missionary work ever!
Okay, the 10,000,000 pictures will tell a lot of great stories for themselves, but a few noteworthy events this week are as following:
We put like 6 people on baptismal date! The field really is white, all ready to harvest!! We have been SO blessed with revelation this transfer! I feel like Elder Mcopela and I have been led from elect to elect every day this week! I have nothing but gratitude in my heart! The Lord really does lead us when we seek Him! He sees things that we can't see; but as we earnestly, faithfully, and humbly seek His guidance, we will be guided! Our prayers will not go into the air!
We got to meet President and Sister Thompson on Saturday! 

We had a Zone Conference with the Elders from Lesotho and Bethlehem! They are the sweetest couple in the world!! President Thompson has so much excitement for the work! His fire was contagious! I was amazed as I listened to him; he made a big emphasis on using the Book of Mormon more in our teaching, the very same revelation that came to Elder Mcopela and I just 3 weeks ago!!! Revelation is real!

This whole week I made a huge deal out of the 4th of July and told everybody that we were going to celebrate on Monday, of all the missionaries living in Bloemfontein only 3 of us are Americans, so everybody was like "Why would we celebrate YOUR country's independence?" and we were like "THE RESTORATION COULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED UNLESS AMERICA HAD IT'S INDEPENDENCE" and nobody could rebut that so we're all celebrating "Restoration Made Possible" Day today!! hahah we're braiing and I'm determined to find an American Flag somewhere in this town! (Pictures to come next week)
So yeah, sorry I don't have a lot of time (my bad) but I'm sending all the love that I possibly can in this email! Life is soooo good here! I love this work! This is Week 6 of the transfer! I can't believe how fast the time has flown by!! But my first transfer here has been full of growth!! I am so grateful that the Lord gives us the opportunity to learn every day! I am so grateful for second chances! And most of all, I am so grateful that we have a Saviour who Lives today! He strengthens us, He comforts us, and HE STANDS WITH US!


Elder Weiler

Saying farewell to President and Sister Zackrison :(
Funniest story -- we were visiting Naval Hill and these Helicopters started doing a photo shoot in from of the Nelson Mandela statue, and they were like RIGHT NEXT to us! So.. photo cred goes to Elder Rowe
Holding hands with Nelson <3

On top of Thaba Nchu Mountain!! (Best Zone Activity Ever).  Missionaries painted this on the top of the mountain and it's become a quest to get here in the Durban mission.
 We got SO CLOSE to this herd of Zebras and we definitely tried to chase an Ostrich without success hahahaha
Before and after shining my shoes after ONE DAY... Bloemanda is a dust patch. hahahah
I cut Elder Rowe's hair on Monday and it was almost a disaster BUT I think it turned out okay :)) He seems pretty enthusiastic about it hahaha

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